Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gunstock Trails Half Marathon Results

Yep that's me! Running my kidney out. Obviously I stole this photo from the website but I did order the actual picture. I'm just waiting for it to arrive.

Here I am on the results page. 196th place out of 233 people. If you follow along you see that I was bib number 204 and that I am a F (female) and that I am 40. WAIT A MINUTE, I AM NOT 40. I turn 39 next week. This race was part of the Xterra 2014 series of runs and therefore they judge all races in the series by your birthdate on 12/31/2014. Weird but whatever. Continue following along the line and you see that I was 15th in my category (Females, 40-44) with a time of 2:52:21.1. I ran it in 13:09 per mile.

That age group category thing really sucks because I am NOT 40. If they had put me in my proper age group, 35-39, I would have gotten a better category placing. See three rows down from me the name Alessandra Dadino? She is in the category that I should be in and she was 11th place in that age group. I should have been 11th place. Oh Well, not that big of a deal. Just thought it was interesting.

Kidneys: so you caught that up there: "running my kidneys out"? I have had a tough recovery from this race. I guess the combination of the heat and having been sick the week before the race really dehydrated me and my kidneys were not happy about it, especially my right kidney. (Did you know that the right kidney is more susceptible to pain and discomfort because it has less room in your body? Less room because it is lodged under your liver. No liver on the left.)

I have been drinking lots and lots of water to flush out all the toxins that were built up in my system from the dehydration. My kidney is feeling a little better each day but it is still sore, especially right after I pee. It is amazing to me how the body can repair and fix itself if we sit back and allow it to. I have been taking it easy this week sleeping more, working out less, drinking lots of water and eating lots of healthy foods. Today I am going in to my friend for some reflexology work on my feet. It is supposed to be really good for this kine thing. We'll see.

In the meantime I have been thinking a lot about whether the run was worth the pain and recovery this week. Not once have I thought "I shouldn't have done it." I am very glad I did it and I think I will do it again. I'm  not sure I'll do the trail half marathon again but I will do another half marathon. Saturday, November 30th is the day. I will be running the Faux-Ho from Laie to Waimea Bay. It is an unofficial race that my friends do every year. It is the day before the Honolulu Marathon AKA "the Ho". Some of them run all the way to Waimea and back again for the full marathon and others just stop at Waimea. I'll be stopping.

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