Saturday, October 12, 2013


A few times in the past few months I have alluded to feeling worn out or worn thin. Last month I was feeling so rotten I went to the doctor. I was falling asleep while at work, constantly tired including waking in the morning unrefreshed and naps and earlier bedtimes were not helping. I was also losing interest in running and surfing and just about everything but sleeping. I had all but stopped running and was ready to give up on the half marathon I had been planning to run on October 19th.

She suggested I had adrenal fatigue syndrome, a diagnosis that is similar to fibromyalgia in that doctors disagree on whether it is real or a junk diagnosis. She did some blood tests and gave me a list of things to do, eat and take. She told me to slow down, get more sleep and get my family to help with more stuff. She suggested I eat less dairy, sugar and gluten products and more green vegetables and high fiber. She prescribed me a probiotic, d-ribose powder and mega doses of Vitamin D and Vitamin B.

A couple days later after getting my blood results back she told me that my vitamin D levels were so low she also wanted me out in the sun, without sunscreen, for at least 30 minutes each day.

Over the course of the month I have instituted most of the changes and have noticed some improvement. I'm still working on being totally true to the dietary changes and it is really hard to cut back and slow down on things I have already agreed to do. I am, however, not taking on a lot of new stuff. Believe it or not it is really hard to get 30 minutes of sun time in mostly because face and arms don't really count in Vitamin D production so I've really got to lay out in a swim suit exposing legs and back to get what I'm s'pose to get.

I went back to the doc yesterday and she was glad to hear that I was not falling asleep on my feet anymore but was disappointed I was still waking up unrefreshed and still dragging so much. She said it could take a while to be back to my normal self. We talked for a bit about being a mom and the stress it entails. I told her I don't really feel like I live a stressful life but she insisted that I was putting too much stress on my body. She added a few new things to my list of to-do's. She wants me taking Ashwagandha root, milk thistle, and a very low dose of DHEA. These are supposed to work together to detoxify my body and jump start my endocrine system.

Have you ever had experience with extreme fatigue? What did you do? Have you ever taken any of these supplements? How do you find a good reputable supplement company?

By the way, I did sign up for the half-marathon and I will be running it next week. I have, however, given myself permission to take it super slow with no time goal. I will endure to the end and enjoy the path.

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