Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Birthday Wish List

It's that time of year again! Next week I'll be one year older and wiser. This morning Dave asked me what I would like for my birthday. Here is my list:

1. Birthday Cake: A Lemon Poke Cake with real whip cream topping

2. Dinner: Pizza

3. Activity: Surfing and either a bonfire or movie with the kiddos

4. I would like the kids to get their chores done quickly without me having to remind them.

5. Contacts. My eye sight has gotten really bad and I really hadn't noticed until I started sewing so much more this past year. I can't stand wearing glasses all the time and I am always forgetting my little reading glasses. I think contacts will not be so annoying (hopfully) and they may help with my headaches too. I have already made an appointment for November 2nd.

6. Bosch Slicer Shredder Attachment. A 12 cup capacity attachment for my Bosch Universal Plus. This baby shreds and slices cheeses, vegetables, fruits and chocolate. I have really been wanting to make a carrot cake but have avoided it because who wants to grate that many carrots by hand? Not me!

7. A Body Form like this Dritz My Double Deluxe. I want one that is adjustable so I can use it for myself, my daughters, and my clients. This one has a soft exterior that you can poke pins into so I can use it to drape designs and it has an adjustable base so I can make it taller or shorter for easy hems. This lady also has an extended torso for fitting pants. AWESOME! Though this is on my wishlist for my birthday it would probably be better for me to purchase this through my home business since the majority of it's use will be for my business.

8.  A Vitamix. This is a perennial on my wishlist that is just so expensive that I don't know if I really want it. I would love the Vitamix 5200 with the wet blade container and dry blade container like this one at Costco. What has kept me from getting this machine is that the majority of my blending is handled just fine by the $50 machines we've always had. Is it really worth $350 more for a Vitamix? If you have a Vitamix maybe you could fill me in on the reasons why I should or should not get this.

9. The only other thing that I really want is my own house to live in. It doesn't need to be fancy or big. I would just like it to be mine so I can change things whenever I feel like it. The perfect place would be between 1200-1800 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. One of those rooms would be my sewing room and one of the bathrooms would be a master bathroom. It would have a dishwasher, room for a 6 ft grand piano, and a covered lanai off the kitchen. Of course there would be room for some trees and a small container garden but I don't need to have a lawn. If it didn't have a one car garage there would be a storage shed big enough to tuck away all our toys so everything would always look nice and tidy.

10. Other than that I have everything I want in life. I have a fun and handsome husband, incredible children, lots of surfboards, clothes that fit, a car and moped that get me where I want to be and I'm minutes from the most beautiful beaches in the world. What else could I ask for?

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