Wednesday, October 09, 2013

A Sweet Substitution

Saturday night I returned home about 7pm from a full day of travel around the island. We had tennis matches in Mililani, returned some shoes to Runners HI in Aiea, went fabric shopping at the other end of Aiea, stopped in at Walmart in Pearl City, then to Costco in Waipahu. A very long day.

Like I said, returned home and realized that Whoa! I need to make cinnamon rolls for Conference morning! I was tempted to try to forget the tradition for this year only but quickly threw that out the window when I remembered we would be watching all 10 hours of conference in one day. The marathon session was thanks to our necessary and un-re-schedulable Saturday activities. We would need all the sugar we could get to keep us awake. I set to work on the rolls.

At 11pm, after mixing and raising and rolling and totally prepping the rolls and setting them into the fridge to raise over night I turned to the sugar bin one more time to prepare the cream cheese frosting. No powdered sugar! How could I have not noticed this sooner? I could have totally bought some while I was at Walmart.

I sent Heath down the street to Foodland for powdered sugar and they were sold out! Apparently I'm not the only one in Laie who has a tradition of sugary treats for breakfast on conference morning. The next nearest grocery stores were already closed so I called a couple friends for some help. Alas, no powdered sugar was found.

In the morning I did find someone who had some powdered sugar. My friend Sarah had 1 pound. I needed two pounds. I decided to try my had at blending up my own powdered sugar. Yes, blend!

1/3 cup at a time I blended regular granulated sugar into powdered sugar. It worked quite well (except when I put a full cup in the blender and it didn't do much more than get hot and sound like the blender was going to die.) The texture of the frosting was great too. Now if only I had a blender that could handle more than 1/3 cup of sugar at a time I might never buy powdered sugar again. (Somehow I don't think the cost savings will buy me a Vitamix.)

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  1. Thank you, Dani! I have wondered about this very thing. Glad to know you are braver than I to try new substitutions. Also glad to know that you, Dacia, and I all have the same conference day cinnamon roll tradition. Weird.


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