Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Escape and Judgement

In my studies yesterday I came upon this blog post in a Google search. I have never read this blog before and don't know anything about the author but I really liked this post: A Lesson from Nephi: Holiness to the Lord. It goes along well with what I have been thinking about this week.

The post is pretty long but I loved every bit of it. These two quotes especially popped out at me:
"If we live in such a state as to be LOOKING FOR, even expecting, the Lord to be communicating to us, we will become more and more sensitive to recognizing it.  We will see, hear, and understand a great deal in very little time.  We will be able to see clearly and discern what is of God and what is not, and what it means if it is of God and how to find our escape if it is not of God." 
That last bit, "and how to find our escape if it is not of God." was the zinger for me. As you have been able to tell, I'm sure, I've been feeling the need to escape, I've been feeling too busy. I've always known I could pray and ask for God's guidance in what TO DO but have never thought of seeking guidance for what NOT TO DO. I love this and will be putting it to the test. Do you think he might tell me not to do the laundry? please, please . . .

Next Quote:
"Our quality of life later will differ by what we choose now.  Our choices every day are eternal: not just for the moment now, in the illusion of impulse, but our choices now are actually our own judgments of ourselves." 
Of course I know that my choices affect my future. We are told that from the beginning of our life. "Do good in school so you can go to college." "Go to college so you can get a good job." "Work hard at your job so you can get a promotion." And I get that the choices I make in this mortal life do affect my eternal soul. No doubt I get that.

What popped out to me was this: "Our choices now are actually our own judgments of ourselves." When I read that I realized my thinking has been backwards. I'm always thinking what I do today affects tomorrow when I should be thinking what I am tomorrow affects today. What do I think know I am going to be in the future? What I judge myself to be worthy of, doing and being--is what I must act for today. And that's what being and Eternal Being is.

Am I worthy of a healthy body or a clean house? Do I deserve a nice meal and pleasant conversation every evening? Do I deserve the admiration and undying love of a valiant and strong man? Am I destined to be an adored mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother? Do I think I can be a spiritual giant, or at least an example of Christlike service and love to other women and men? What do I think of my future self and I am acting like she would act today?

Today I will be contemplating what kind of a woman I am today, years from now and in the eternities and I will start acting like her now. Part of that will be asking God to help me figure out what NOT TO DO--to find an escape for the things He does not need or want me to be working on.

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