Monday, September 09, 2013


Clear back in April I exclaimed "I hate being busy". Since that time I have intentionally tried to keep that word out of my vocabulary and tried to cut down on extra "busy" things in my schedule. It hasn't been working.

Lately I have been catching myself daydreaming about being put on bed rest. At this time in my life that would not be good mainly because I can no longer have babies which would mean that I would have to be really, really sick or really, really injured. A broken leg wouldn't be enough to keep me down. My injured back only kept me out for 2 days and, let's face it, that's really not long enough. The flu wouldn't keep me down for long enough either and really that is just too painful to call it rest. 

I don't want to be that bad off. I just want a good reason to tell everyone that I can't do anything, my schedule must be cleared. I wish I could have a baby then I'd have a good reason to sit down every 2-3 hours: to feed the baby. I miss those days and yet when I was there I didn't fully appreciate what I had. I couldn't wait for the child to grow so I could get something done. Boy, was I a fool.

My kids are growing way too fast now. Every day is getting shorter with them. Ten months from now Heath will be gone on a mission or to college. Some days it seems like he is already gone. He leaves in the morning for Seminary and then he is gone until after Pep Band practice and then what time he has left is spent hovering over a book or computer studying. Maybe he could be put on bed rest too. We could sit around and play board games and watch movies and talk about what we want to be when we grow up, because I still haven't figured it out.

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  1. This is such a good reminder for me! Sometimes I catch myself thinking about how much more I will be able to get done once they are a little older...yet school just started again and I miss the 3 that are gone...


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