Wednesday, September 11, 2013

All nighter

Monday night I pulled an all nighter working on a wedding dress. Literally all night. I didn't go to bed until 5am. I woke up briefly to get the kids off to school at 7:30 and then got up for the day at 9:30. Surprisingly I felt fine yesterday. I was able to continue the work on the dress, teach my class, manage the house hold, help at tennis club, conduct a meeting with my student tenants and get Cora packed and ready to leave for Camp Timberline. I then stayed up last night until 12:30 putting the final touches on the dress.

Today I am not feeling fine. My head hurts. I feel dizzy and my thinking is foggy. For all I know I am typing mumbo jumbo right now. I am craving sweets and I am soo thirsty. And hot. My sweat glands are on overdrive--that's weird right? It hurts to close my eyes, and open them, and my face feels like I walked into a wall. I must be clenching my jaw. I said I feel dizzy but what I mean is I am really dizzy. I'm not walking in straight lines, I think.

I'm doing my best to finish the things that must be done today so I can spend the rest of my day recovering. I've got to do a cleaning check and start a bug bomb in the apartments downstairs. I've got to buy the bug bomb over at Ace and I'm debating whether it is safer for me to moped or walk. Is there really much to debate there?

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