Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Complaint

I sent this to the High School Principal today. I wonder if I'll get a response.

Ms. Lindsey,
I want to express my disappointment in the process of submitting Senior Portraits. It is really frustrating to me that for my son to be included in the yearbook I must pay a $45 sitting fee to a photo studio that is 36 miles/1 hour away from our home. I was increasingly frustrated when I met the young and inexperienced photographers at the studio and then later received the resulting poor quality pictures.

I think the current Senior Portraits process puts an unnecessary financial burden on our KHIS families, for the sitting fee and the necessity of driving into town for the sitting. Many students are missing a day of school and their parents missing a day of work to get into the photography studios schedule. I have talked with other parents who are also frustrated with this process. Some of them, like me, gave into their child's pleadings to "get into the yearbook" while others refused. Now their children, sadly, will be excluded from the tradition because of the cost/time unnecessarily pressed upon them.

I am familiar with other schools that give their Seniors the option of using pictures taken at school with the rest of the student body or submitting pictures from photographers of their choice. We have many excellent photographers right here in our community that I am sure could provide services to our Seniors if not cheaper and better quality at least closer to home.

My oldest son is a senior this year and so this was a new experience for me. I asked other parents and school officials if there was any other way to get him in the yearbook and was repeatedly told that there was not, that I must pay the $45 fee, that I must drive into the specified studio. I have three other children who will be graduating from Kahuku and would like to see this changed before my next one is a Senior in 2015. I would be happy to volunteer my time to make this happen.

Dani Dooley

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