Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Workouts

Jenny (my workout buddy) and I have been thinking about switching up our workouts for a while. We considered lots of different options and yesterday we started Insanity. By the end of the DVD we both were soaked with sweat and totally worn out. It was great! We both rocked the Day 1 test getting as-good-as or better-than the demo exercisers in most of the tests. It is a fun, fast paced workout and the time really flew by but boy are we are both pretty sore today. We've been texting each other back and forth all day complaining about our aching legs and back and sides. It is a great feeling.

I am also recommitting myself to eating better. Over the summer I got way out of the habit of healthy eating. The high stress of the last few weeks has really put me over the edge with high sugar consumption. It has left me feeling terrible: tired, achy, headaches, thirsty, that "crashed" feeling, and of course craving more sugar. YUCK! I am going to clean up my food intake with more fruits and veggies and fewer empty carbs. 

The Gunstock Half Marathon is coming up quick and I am really looking forward to it. I have had so much fun doing my other three races this past year and this will be the longest one I've done so far. It will be October 19th. To prepare myself for this longer race I am adding some mileage. I have used the book "Brain Training For Runners" by Matt Fitzgerald as a guide for my training plan.

Week of:
August 19th: Tues-3 miles of intervals; Thurs-4 miles 10K pace; Sat-5K time trial
August 26th: Monday-6 miles; Tues-3 miles intervals; Thurs-5 miles 10K pace; Sat- 11 miles SLOW
Sept 2nd: Mon-6 miles with some hill sprints; Tues- 3.3 miles intervals; Thurs-6 miles 10 K pace; Sat- 12 miles SLOW
Sept 9th:Mon-6 miles with hill sprints; Tues-4.5 miles intervals; Thurs-6 miles Half pace; Sat- 10 miles slow
Sept 16th: Mon-5 miles; Tues-4 miles intervals; Thurs-6 miles Half pace; Sat- 9 mile time trial
Sept 23rd: Mon-6 miles; Tues-4.5 miles intervals; Thurs-5.5 miles Half pace; Sat- 8 miles
Sept 30th: Mon-6 miles; Tues-4.5 miles intervals; Thurs-7 miles Half pace; Sat-10 miles marathon pace
Oct 7th: Mon-6miles; Tues-4.5 miles intervals; Thurs- 7.5 miles Half pace; Sat- 10 miles marathon pace
Oct 14th: Mon-5 miles; Tues- 4 miles mixed; Thurs-2 miles at Half pace; Sat- RACE DAY!!

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