Monday, July 08, 2013

One More Week

Woke up early this morning. Instead of running I opted to walk because my foot was hurting. The air was crisp and the sky grey so I threw on a sweatshirt. It was a thin shirt so I still had to walk quickly to keep warm--ears, nose, toes and fingers still came home cold though.

Over the past weeks here at Ladd & Peg's I've walked or run all the roads in the neighborhood trying to find a way down to the surrounding creeks. My efforts have been hindered by private property all along the way. Yesterday, however, I spotted a tiny trail off one of the main streets. I walked over hoping for some back woods adventure.

I tromped into the path and quickly found a dead end at the cliff overlooking the creek. I paused to take in the surroundings. The creek bubbling below, the crows cawing in the trees. A bush behind me rustled. I whirled around to see a small bird fly off into a nearby stand of blackberry bushes. I was glad to see it was a bird but then surprised to see a small hobo camp tucked back into some bushes 20 feet further. A  youngish looking guy popped his head up looking as confused as me probably. I quickly smiled, waved and went on my way; 100 steps back to the street.

The creek was on my left and just before emerging back onto the street I spotted another trail that went right off the cliff and down. I, of course, followed it sidestepping my way down the hill and stopping on the banks of Flett Creek. Victory! Kinda.

I finally made it to the banks of the creek but now there was no where else to go. The banks of the creek weren't wide enough to be able to follow up or down stream. The adventure was over. I climbed back up the hill and onto the street.

I continued through a few of the nearby streets. I enjoy looking at the houses and yards here. Everything is so pretty. All the houses are cared for. Yards aren't full of junk. There's lots of space between houses. Gardens are groomed with beautiful flowers and trees and lawns. Yes, there are some houses that don't look quite as loved as others but they are still in better condition than most of the houses back home. If there is anything I miss about Washington it is the cute old houses with the beautiful gardens. If I could have a house like that in Hawaii I would be in heaven.

Thinking about gardens and homes and Hawaii makes me homesick. I am getting tired and I'm ready to go home. I'm cold and want to go lay on a warm sandy beach. I'm getting sick of running everyday and want to go workout with Jenny and go surfing with the kids. I feel like I'm turning into a slug here with the lack of exercise and the abundance of sweets that are getting harder to resist as I am getting tireder (is that a word? I think you know what I mean.) I have enjoyed spending time with family and old friends but . . . . I'm just ready to go.

One more week left of the trip. Today I have some errands to run: fabric store, REI, Costco, Best Buy. Tonight we are having a big Cousins Birthday Party with carnival games, a potluck dinner and birthday cake. Tomorrow Heath has a date, kids will play with cousins and Dave has a few friends to see. Wednesday we drop Dacia off at the airport and then we will take the kids up to Seattle for the day. Thursday we'll go to Westport. Friday we go waterskiing with some friends. Saturday is another family day with pictures and a baptism. That leaves just Sunday and Monday and then early Tuesday we head home.

One more week.

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