Sunday, July 14, 2013

One Last Weekend in Washington

We started our weekend Friday with Brunch at Grandma Heather's house. She served us a delicious meal of pancakes, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and raspberries. Oh, am I gonna miss raspberries when I'm back in Hawaii. We had a fun morning of visiting, the kids played some games, the boys helped with a few chores. The kids hung out for a bit while Dave and I went on a mini date to the Fircrest Swim Shop. He was in need of some new Jammers--so difficult to find in Hawaii--and I went along for the ride because I'm always on the lookout for a cute suit. We both found what we wanted!

Friday night we had a BBQ with some good ole friends out on American Lake. It was so fun to catch up with everyone and to let the kids get some good playing time in with their friends one last time before we take off for home. The kids had a blast jet skiing and tubing and we were all pleasantly surprised at how warm the lake was, especially in comparison to the chilly waters of Westport earlier this week.

The kids playing into the night. All taking turns on the toys and enjoying each other's company.

I too wanted in on the fun. I grew up waterskiing on the lake and was anxious to try again. Last time I was out skiing was at least 4 years ago and I can't remember if I even got up then. I was pretty out of shape. I was determined to get out there and see if I could still do it.

It felt so natural strapping on the lifevest, popping my feet into the boots of my old waterski (one of the few things we stored instead of sold), and jumping into the calm water of American lake. I grabbed the rope and Dave idled me out past the "no wake zone" buoy. He was driving a high powered 3 man jet ski with Heath on the back as the spotter.

"Hit it" I yelled and I felt the familiar jerk and pull as the ski popped me right out of the water. But as I extended my legs and puffed out my chest I felt an alarming pop in my lower left back. Oh DEAR! and I had just been thinking how proud I was of myself for not getting injured surfing the day before! I didn't let go of that rope though and pulled myself fully up and leaned back. It hurt a bit but I could still move and there was no way I was going to let this opportunity escape me for a little pop. I set in and casually took my first turn. OK, I could do it. I continued my run taking each turn a little harder and a little lower totally forgetting myself and my hurt back. It was fantastic!

I continued until I got so tired I couldn't hold onto the rope through my turn. It wasn't as long a run as I would have liked but it was to the other side of the lake. I rested in the water for a moment while Dave turned the jetski around. I turned in the water to grab the rope and was reminded that my back was hurting. Dave pointed out the water was like glass just a little further and encouraged me to go some more.

I got up again but a little slower this time. My back was hurting. I got half a turn in but couldn't pull myself out of it and went flying instead. I tried getting up one more time but my back wouldn't allow it. I slowly climbed back on to the jet ski and we headed back to the party. I was able to walk and get around. I was able to enjoy the rest of the party, visiting with friends and eating lots of yummy treats but I was hurting.

I stopped in at the chiropractor before going home and I started on Ibuprofen and ice packs. I did not sleep well at all that night and ended up doing nothing all day on Saturday. Nothing but laying down, taking ibuprofen, icing my back and resting.

Meanwhile the family carried on without me. The kids did some work for their grandma's and grandpa's. They cleaned up their rooms and did their laundry. They made cookies for their cousins' baptism. They got a lot done.

I really wanted to go to the baptism but wasn't sure if I could make it without too much pain. Dave suggested a trial run--a trip to Old Navy. The kids needed some clothes for family pictures on Monday and he didn't want to do the shopping by himself. All I would have to do is ride in the car a few minutes, walk around the store for a bit, and then come home. If I was hurting too much I could sit in the store or walk out to the car and sit but if I could survive the short trip to Old Navy I could certainly handle the baptism.

It was a good idea. I made it through the shopping trip. We got not only the clothes for pictures but also some good deals on school clothes and though I was uncomfortable I was able to do it. We got home from the store, grabbed the kids and headed out for the baptism.

photo by McKensie Blackner
The baptism was beautiful. It was fun to see our cousins and spend time with them. We are so proud of sweet Kierra and Rianne. Afterwards we made a quick stop at their house so Dave could see the new place. We didn't stay long though because it was late and my back was killing me. It was time to go home and take some serious meds.

I got a good night's sleep last night and am feeling much better this morning. I am not 100% yet though. I think I'm probably up to about 60% capacity and my pain is at about a 4 while sitting or standing. No pain while laying down now! Hurray!

Afton stayed the night at cousin Alexis' house. Kirkham and Dave went to church at the Gravelly Lake ward. Heath and Cora want to go to church at the American Lake ward. I am still debating whether or not I'll be going. I'm alternating icing my back, massaging my back and walking around the yard and stretching. I want to be back to as close to normal as possible for the flight home on Tuesday.

Tonight we will be having dinner with Ryan and Kris and family.

Two more sleeps in Washington.

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