Sunday, June 23, 2013

Vacation Days 5-7: Weekend Report

Friday my alarm went off at 6:30 Washington time. I really thought I could do it when I set that alarm the night before but when the hour arrived I hit the snooze. And then I hit it again. And again and again until my dad knocked on the door at 8:30 and shocked me up and out of bed. It's the earliest I've been up since we arrived.

I had wanted to go for another run on Friday but that wasn't in the cards. I had a 9am breakfast appointment with Gramma Jewel and I was not about to be late. She likes it when we are punctual. Dad and I had a nice visit with Gramma. She treated us to breakfast there at the retirement home dining room. She ordered scrambled eggs and wheat toast. My dad and I had waffles. Mine were smothered in Peanut Butter. We had a nice visit and before leaving took care of a few chores for her. I watered and dead-headed her flowers while dad helped her with something else. I have the sweetest Grandma in the world just so you know.

I got home from breakfast around 11am. Kirkham was gone already. He had arranged to spend the day with a couple buddies and they had picked him up around 10. Heath was getting ready to spend his day working on stuff for Grandma Heather and fixing one of Papa Bob's old bicycles. The girls were packed up and ready to head out to Gig Harbor with me for a weekend of fun with their cousins Rianne, Kierra, Cali and Shea. I quickly threw a few things in a bag, threw that bag into a bigger bag of gifts and equipment and grabbed that big bag and two sewing machines and threw all of that into the back of the suburban. Ready to Go!

Before crossing the bridge to the Harbor I had a few quick stops to make. As I mentioned a week or so ago I wanted to re-read the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" while on the trip and had forgotten my copy at home. Mom's copy was missing so I stopped at Half Price books to get a copy (all the library copies were checked out). While I was walking through the store I was side tracked by the sewing books section and ended up walking out with an armful of great books that I am anxious to read and put to good use. One of those books was how to make cute felt toys and gifts and I thought we'd put that to use right away. I handed it to Cora and told her to find her favorite things while we drove over to the fabric store.

JoAnn's has changed so much! It seems they have reduced their fabric inventory again. So disappointing but still a better selection than any store in Hawaii. I picked up the elastic and thread we needed to sew some dresses with the cousins (we had brought hawaiian fabric with us for this purpose). And then we browsed. The girls found out that McCall's patterns were on sale for $1 per pattern and so they spent a lot of time browsing the pattern books. We also found some perfect felt for some little finger puppets to make with the girls and some swimsuit material for a design Afton has been working on. (Can you believe that we can't find any swimsuit fabric on island?! Crazy!) We thoroughly enjoyed our morning at the fabric store.

Our trip out to Gig Harbor was uneventful with the exception of a wrong turn that took us on the scenic route to Jared and Erin's new home. It is a nice place with a large lot and lots of beautiful trees. And big enough to last a lifetime. They lucked out with that purchase! The girls went wild when we pulled up. It was so exciting to see them. They made us some sandwiches and took us on a tour of their house and yard. They showed us their hornets nest and their trampoline and the spot where they found a spider the other day. Such fun little ladies.

While the kids played dress up and make up and barbies and such Erin and I started cutting out pieces for the finger puppet project and visiting. This was the first time since she and Jared married (nearly 10 years ago) that we have spent any real time together. I am embarrassed to admit that I just have never made the time. We lived in California and they lived in Vancouver and then we lived in Lakewood and they lived in University Place and then we moved to Hawaii and then . . . Well, I guess I should just admit that I am a totally lame sister-in-law. It was fun to get to know her.

We continued visiting and visiting while I taught the kids to sew hand puppets and she made dinner. She makes some killer garlic biscuits that I couldn't keep my hands off. We had a fun night together and got the kids to bed. Papa Lou brought the boys out to join us late. They had been at the Mariners game together with both Grandpa's, Uncle Ryan's family and a whole bunch of other people from church. It was BYU Alumni night. They had more fun visiting with the other teens than they had watching the game. They told Erin and I all about the fun while they ate some snacks Erin made them and then we all headed for bed.

In the morning we awoke to the smell of pancakes and eggs. Erin was really spoiling us! Her girls went crazy when they discovered the boys and had so much fun tackling and wrestling all morning. That is until Uncle Jared rescued the boys and put them to work outside and I got the girls sewing on their Hawaiian dresses. Each girl got her own turn to sit on my lap or next to me as we made them their own simple Hawaiian dress. I had brought fabric from Hawaii for the occasion. It was so much fun to work with each of those little girls.

The girls were so quick in their sewing lessons (no I didn't do any of it by myself) that we got done by lunch time! We had sandwiches and then headed to the park for some Washington Sunshine . . . the real kind! It was in the high 70's and it felt great to warm up.

Heath and Kirkham playing Frisbee with Uncle Ryan

Cora, Kierra, Rianne, and Cali (just outside the pic) playing Shave Ice shop. 
Afton enjoyed the swings and playing with all the little ones.

After the park we had a surprise visit (for the kids, adults knew about it) from Grandma Peg and Aunt Kathy, the boys got ready to go back into town for a big Church Youth Dance and Erin started some dinner. That night we enjoyed a lovely lasagna and more (hallelujah!) of Erin's delicious Cheesy-garlic biscuits. After dinner we painted toe nails and watched a girls night movie.

The girls were all so exhausted after our busy day that they all went to bed pretty quickly. But not Erin and I. When the girls went to bed the sewing machine came back out. I fiddled with her machine a bit and we got it threaded up and working for her and then I resurrected some dress up clothes that were some old favorites of the little girls. Meanwhile Erin and I talked and talked and before either one of us realized it the sun was coming up! Oh my! We quickly scurried off to bed hoping to find a few hours of rest before the crew woke up. In the summer the sun comes up at 4:30 am in WA.

Sunday morning Erin and I were pretty beat but it was worth the fun we had all weekend. After a nice breakfast we cleaned up our stuff, got ready for church and said our good byes. The rest of our day would be filled with church and Sunday dinner at my parents house. It was fun to see old friends at church and to enjoy a nice dinner with my parents and Gramma Jewel. It was a great weekend.

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