Friday, June 14, 2013

Picking Up

The birthday parties are over and the formal men's vest is complete. Yesterday I spent the whole day scrubbing out every last inch of my kitchen. We washed walls, windows, window sills, bleached counters, wiped out cupboards and reorganized contents. We washed the outsides of the cupboards, scrubbed the stove and oven (my least favorite job ever) and of course didn't forget the microwave, and the floors.

Cleaning up for vacation renters is no cup of tea. I didn't realize how messy everything has become. But I suppose I can be happy to have to opportunity to get paid for cleaning my own house and thankful that I can rent it out to get some of my rent paid for while I am gone.

During this morning's round of cleaning Afton said, "Mom don't you think it's funny that we are working so hard to get the house clean for renters and we worked so hard to get our WA house ready for renters?" I giggled for her but did not really find the humor. Instead it made me a little regretful that we are treating renters better than we are treating ourselves. Why? And we are doing the same thing when we go back to WA next week when our first order of business will be painting some bedrooms and fixing a fence at the WA rental.

As I was studying this morning I came across this quote in my study journal. I wrote it down a few weeks ago as I was preparing my Girls Camp Devotionals. Since I have repeatedly found myself thinking about the stick I am picking up.
Harry Emerson Fosdick
"The tragic evils of our life are so commonly unintentional. We did not start out for that poor, cheap goal. That aim was not in our minds at all. Look to the road you are walking on! He who picks up one end of [a] stick picks up the other. He who chooses the beginning of the road chooses the place it leads to." (Living under tension [1941], 110-11)
Today we are still cleaning: refrigerator, bathrooms, a few more windows, more dusting and vacuuming. Two more days until we leave so I'll also need to get some laundry done. All this before I take the girls into town for Orthodontist appointments and a little shopping. We are excited to get a few Hawaiian gifts to present to our cousins when we get there. I am going to have to remember to do something nice for us to.

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