Sunday, June 09, 2013

Getting Ready to Go

Girls Camp finished up last Thursday. The play finished up on Saturday. Kids to the dentist on Wednesday. Took friends to the airport on Wednesday. Costume Class final was this Thursday. I Finished a few sewing projects one on Wednesday, one on Thursday and one on Saturday morning. I finally got some surfing in on Thursday night. . . and Friday morning . . .  and Friday night. . . and Saturday. I had to make up for lost time.

I'll post pics later of Girls Camp and the play. And pics of the final projects my students turned in. And I'll also post pics of my sewing projects too. No pictures of the dentist appointment just a miserable story. Five of us went to the dentist office Wednesday morning at 8am. The result was 23 cavities between us. I didn't have any cavities. The girls each had 3 cavities. Heath had 8 cavities. Kirkham had 12! Do I need to say I was shocked? We never have juice, rarely have soda, only occasionally have milk. Maybe have one dessert item every other day. The dentist's answer to how all these cavities came to be: fruit. He says we eat too much fruit. I think my kids just inherited horrible teeth. But not from me.

At the end of this week the kids and I head out for a month long trip to the mainland. Before leaving I have only a few items on my task list

  • a sewing project-A custom men's formal vest
  • a birthday party-Kirkham turns 15 on Tuesday!
  • house has to be thoroughly cleaned and ready for our vacation renters (still have two weeks available if anyone wants to come rent my place and help me pay the mortgage on my unrented house in WA.)
  • a trip to the orthodontist on Friday
  • Father's Day-I've got a few ties to make
And of course we have to get as much surfing in as possible.

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