Thursday, June 13, 2013

Big Island Trip Plans

Going through my papers I found a lot of stuff I didn't know what to do with like these plans I made for a trip to the Big Island. I haven't made it there yet but still want to really bad, I can't get rid of these plans. So I'm using the blog as my filing cabinet. Here's what I had scribbled out on the back of a piece of paper:

Imiloa Astronomy Center, admission $12/$7
Panawea Zoo, free admission
Maunaloa Mac Nut Farm, free admision

Tri Park Pass $25
Thurston Lava Tube
Kilauea Iki hike
visitor center
Dev trail
Jagger Museum
69 lava flow
Puuhonua o hona uhau

Onizuka space museum, $3/$1 admission

Big island candy
akaka falls, no charge for kamaaina
petroglyph rubbings
Kona village

Car $110/day
(campground $55 with camping supplies provided)
Uncle Billy's hotels in kona and hilo, free breakfast, $99/night Kamaaina

Food $300
flights $170*6=$1020
hotel $99*4=$500
car $120*5= $600
Kayak $50, snorkel $48, surf $100=$200

Total $2730, Round up to $3000
5 days 4 nights

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