Thursday, May 09, 2013


At Kahuku High and Intermediate it is tradition to have a fun activity (AKA banquet) for each grade level at the end of the year. We are quickly nearing the end of the year, only two weeks of school left, and today was the 7th grade banquet.

Afton didn't go to the banquet for several reasons. 1-It was being held downtown at a hotel. 2-it was being held in the nightclub of the hotel. 3-Said hotel nightclub has a bar area (of course the bar wouldn't be open but still) and a dance floor with poles and cages. WHAT?! Yes, you read that right. 4-The banquet was a dance and we don't allow our kids to go to dances until they are 14. Not even church dances.

Fortunately I was not the only parent who felt that the planned 7th grade activity wasn't an appropriate one. We found a group of like minded families and put together a more age appropriate activity. Yep, we let our kids skip the banquet (did I mention that the dance party in the hotel club was during school hours--so weird) and we took them shopping.

We started the morning at our house for a hearty breakfast of pancakes and eggs and fruit and even splurged and bought them milk to drink with their breakfast. Afton was showing off how hungry she was in this silly picture of the kids.

After breakfast we loaded into our cars and drove the 45 minutes to the nearest mall in Kaneohe. We spent the time shopping and browsing. Some of the kids played putt putt golf. We admired the animals at the pet shop. Took pictures in the silly photo booth. Ate lunch at the food court and had ice cream at Ben & Jerry's. We even watched a movie in the car on the way there and back: "Princess Bride". I love that show and so did the girls.

They had so much fun and I was tired when I got home. Glad I could spend some time with my daughter and her friends.

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