Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Open Mouth Insert Foot

I don't know how I do it so often, especially considering I'm not much of a talker. Such embarrassingly stupid things come out of my mouth sometimes. I can hear what I am saying and I know what I mean but oh, please, stop, stop, stop. Nope. It came out all wrong. It seems I am on a roll this month.

A conversation gone wrong with a sister in my ward, an ill-worded email, and a very awkward telephone conversation. I don't know how to take it back or make sure what I said wasn't misunderstood without sounding even stupider.

So now I am stuck here with these conversations churning through my head, agonizingly taunting me along with the armfulls of other similar memories. That stupid thing I said to a boy in 5th grade and then ran. The question I misunderstood at the High School cafeteria table, answered and turned beet red when I realized what the real question had been. The really strange conversation about religion on a flight to California. Stupid gossip I accidentally and loosely let slip during a visiting teaching visit. The Relief Society lesson I taught  where I inadvertently quoted Homer Simpson. The list goes on and on but I'll try to stop beating myself up and pray that either 1-the other people weren't even listening anyways or 2-they are forgiving people who let it go.

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