Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dear Lisa,

I'm sorry it has been so long since I last posted. I know you stalk my blog like I stalk your Facebook postings. I appreciate it and it motivates me to keep this up even when I've been away for a while.

I feel like I should give you the run down of what's been going on around here and I suppose that's why I haven't been writing. Getting myself "caught up" on everything I haven't posted would be quite an endeavor. Every time I am tempted to catch up I immediately begin to feel overwhelmed and then I don't want to write. There's just so much! I have to remind myself that, like journal writing, the most important thing is to just start writing. Start right now. Start by telling today's story. So here is today's story:

It was a normal morning. I awoke to a flock of birds singing their hearts out from the branches of the Mango tree outside my window. The already warm Hawaiian breeze across my unblanketed sleepy body tried to keep me in bed but I knew my alarm would be ringing in just 3, no 2 more minutes. Still half asleep I fumbled through my drawers, threw on my quickly fading workout gear and biked over to my friend Jenny's house for our early morning workout.

It is light outside now at about 5:45 in the morning. As I rode my bike home from my tough but uneventful workout I admired the sun shining  behind thick clouds in the Eastern Sky. Silver linings! There were silver linings around the clouds! It caught me off guard. I'd seen them in photos but I don't think I'd ever seen them in person. It was stunning.

Once the kids were off to school and I was showered and dressed for the day I continued my work on Girls Camp. Finalize attendees, schedule, shopping lists. Print instructions, song lyrics, skit ideas. Study for the devotionals. That's what I was supposed to be doing. I spent most my time composing emails confirming arrangements and tracking down supplies. I still have a lot to do but I am confident I can do it. I've been praying a lot.

At noon I realized I had 10 minutes until class started at BYUH. I checked my makeup and hair, found my slippers, purse and keys. I ran down the stairs and outside and realized my car wasn't there. I had forgotten that Dave took it that morning to get supplies for an office breakfast. I turned to grab my bike. It too was gone. Afton's bike is on the brink and she took mine for the 2 mile ride to school. I quickly turned and started walking, the only thing I could do. I was 10 minutes late for my own class.

My students were all busily working when I came in. I made a joke about the teacher being late. They sympathy laughed. We went through our usual beginning of class routine: "Show me what you worked on", "Did the hat get finished?", "How is the Duke's costume coming?", Did anyone find a white handkerchief?" Those were my questions. Then it was their turn. "Sister Dooley, Matilda's nightgown hangs too low should I take up the shoulders?" (yes). "Sis. Dooley, can I cut a hole in this hat so the flower pops out?" (yes). "Sister Dooley, is there a way for us to make this bonnet bigger? How do I keep this hat from falling off the actor? can you approve my final project?" (yes, use skin color elastic, yes).

Once the questions were done I divied up assignments and everyone started working away. By the end of three hours all our costumes were finished, put up into the dressing rooms and the girls had about 45 minutes to work on their final projects. Dr. Ferre (director of the play) came through to ask where a costume piece was and was pleasantly surprised to hear that everything was done. "Can the Actors practice with them tonight?" he asked. "Yes". One week early!

Walked home after class. Two kids home, two stayed after to help teachers clean out their rooms. Kirkham is still working on final projects and is glued to the computer. Tomorrow is the last day of school! Cora is going nuts without any homework. SO MUCH FREEDOM! She quickly finished her chores and took off with her friend Nate to go catch some geckos and steal Mangoes from Nate's well endowed tree.

As for me it's back to the computer. Back to the list of todo's. Back to Girls Camp planning. Until 7 when I'll head back to the University to double check a few costumes on my actors.Their dress rehearsals and opening night are the nights I will be at Girls Camp. I am so nervous that something will go wrong but at the same time I LOVE my student assistant and know she can handle anything. My students are also pretty awesome and they will be there to make sure it looks fabulous (I hope).

Dave serves at the temple tonight so he won't be home. While I am gone the kids will be baking cookies for their Last Day parties. Cora will be finishing a hand made lei for her teacher. Afton will begin making a Love Monster for her friend whose birthday party is Saturday morning.

I am really looking forward to the next few weeks. I will be happy when school is out for the kids, when Girls Camp is over, when the play is done. Next week sometime Dave will be moving into his new office. He just got a new job as an Admissions Officer. He is excited. It will be a good change for him. He likes to stay challenged. Then I will have 2 weeks to get the house ready for our vacation and the family that will be staying here while we are away.

There are so many other things that I'd like to tell you about but my tummy is telling me it is time to make dinner. I am looking forward to seeing you and getting caught up in person. I love seeing the pictures of the kids on Facebook and I love the kids quotes you post. You are always good for a laught. You are an awesome mom and a kind and patient friend. Thanks for reminding me to write. I miss you too!


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  1. THANK YOU for posting! I know you are so busy these days, but I miss you, and I feel like your blog keeps me a little more connected to you. That's wonderful news about Dave's new job! Does this mean he'll be able to travel less? I have so many other questions! Good luck with Girl's Camp! That is the hardest yet most rewarding calling I've had so far! I am excited for your visit, and to see how all the kids have grown!


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