Monday, May 13, 2013

Daddy's Birthday Ties

My Dad is a tie guy. He wears a tie to work every day. He always wears a tie to meetings and events for church service. Sometimes he'll wear a couple ties in one day (not at the same time). And for as long as I can remember I get him a tie every year for his birthday and for Father's Day. He is always excited to them. He gets a lot of use out of his collection so I never feel bad about getting him another tie and I never feel like I am wasting my time or money. I know he will use it and love it.As you can imagine his collection of ties is very large. 

A couple months ago we received a large flat rate box in the mail. It was a box full of ties. Dad was going through his collection and thinning it out--undoubtedly making room for his new spring installment of gift ties--and sent some of his cast offs to us. Dave and the boys were thrilled! So was I.

The boys went through and picked out the ones that they loved--they are budding tie connoisseurs themselves--and I gathered up the rest and put them in my upcycle pile. I had birthday plans for those ties.

It is very difficult to find the right kind of interfacing to make a good tie. In fact, I have never seen it anywhere. Instead I have found that dismantling old ties and reusing the interfacing is the best way to go. (You may remember that last year we used the discarded tie silk to make tie-dyed eggs.) before discarding the silk I iron it out and use it as a pattern for the new material. It has worked quite well for the couple years I've been doing it and I must say I am starting to get pretty good at it too.

 These are the lovely ties I made for Dad's birthday this year. I purchased the fabric while I was in New York. This is the first time I have used real tie silk. It cost $25 per yard. If it cut it just right I can get two ties out of a yard of fabric. I noticed a huge difference using the tie silk as opposed to the usual satins or cottons or whatever that I have made ties with in the past. The silk just rolls right around the corners just right. It makes a nice smooth edge and it ties so nicely. I had a really hard time spending the money when I was in New York but I am so glad I did. I love working with silk.
 Most store bought ties have a tag on the back side that guys like to tuck their tie tail into. They are also usually lined with a lining at the tips of the ties. I don't have labels to put on my ties and I didn't have a lining that matched so I just used scraps of the material to make the "tag" and to line the tip. I really like the look of it anyways.
Look at that smooth knot! It's so smooth. I love it. And when it's tied in a real knot it's even better.

I talked to Dad last night and though he just got the package on Friday he has already had the opportunity to wear both ties over the weekend. He reports that they feel nice around the neck, tie smoothly and hold the shape perfectly. The true test will be if they are still tying as well next year.

Love you Daddy and Happy Birthday!

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