Sunday, April 14, 2013

Taxes are done!

Taxes are done! Hip hip hooray, jump for joy, do a dance and all that other fun stuff. I love doing my taxes and I love it even more when I get money back. As usual I got money back.

I wasn't sure if I would this year. Though our income isn't higher than the past I was a little concerned that the combination of our home mortgage being converted to a business (we are renting the house), we got rid of so much when we moved that I haven't had much of anything to donate to my favorite Charities like Goodwill and Deseret Industries, and both Dave and I put soooo many exemptions on our taxes that neither one of us is having anything withheld would all add up to us perhaps owing a little for the first time ever in our married life. Yes, you read that right: we didn't have anything withheld from our pay. ANYTHING! And we still got money back.

So how did we get money back when we had nothing withheld? Ahhh, one of the many advantages of having children I guess. I don't really understand how it all works. I let TurboTax do the heavy lifting.

Every year though this gets me thinking about how weird our tax system is. I consider myself a pretty average middle class (maybe lower middle class) American citizen. Married, good education, make enough to supply us with all our needs and some of our wants. We are interested in being good citizens and in doing our part for our community and our country. We wouldn't mind paying taxes if it were required of us; we're willing to pay our fair share. But am I going to volunteer to pay more than I'm supposed to? No.

Can't wait to see that  money in my bank account.

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