Tuesday, April 09, 2013


I suppose it was bound to happen.

My renter is moving and because of my hectic schedule I put Dave in charge of the advertisement for a new renter. He wanted pictures. I told him to find some on the blog. He said he couldn't find any on the blog. I said they were on the blog and to look harder. He sent me the ad. I looked at the pictures and freaked. Those were the worst pictures possible! No one was going to rent my house based on those pictures. I set out to prove him wrong and went searching through the blog. I couldn't find any decent pictures. Five years at that house and I never posted one decent picture of my whole house. Little bits and pieces, yes. The big picture? No. Inconceivable.

So then I went digging through my computer files looking for the pictures I knew I had taken. Found lots of pictures of broken dishwasher pieces, lots of flowers, my garden boxes, a broken window and a fixed window. Lots of pictures of kids in front of the house or next to it or sliding down the big hill or climbing the big red tree. It took a lot of digging but I finally found the pictures I knew I had taken. The pictures I took just before leaving. The hedges were all trimmed, the gravel all raked, everything was painted and primped and prepped. It was a sunny beautiful day. It was perfect.

As I sit here in a rented house surrounded by a yard in which I can't get a single thing that I want to grow, with no time to do any gardening or house projects even if I wanted or was allowed to, sitting on a chair that doesn't belong to me at a desk that doesn't belong to me, staring at a treehouse and a trampoline that I will have to move away from shortly when the family that owns this home moves back; as I sit here for a few quick moments before I must rush off to work again I am homesick. 

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  1. Those are beautiful pictures, Dani. Just try to remember that if this grass looks greener it's probably just because it never stops raining here! ;) Miss you!!


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