Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Cora- Lucky Girl, always gets the longest rides because she can ride the wave until it's next to nothing. On the way home she explained, "all I need is a little momentum."

Kirkham-Enjoying a wall of white water at his back but this was not his "ride of the day". No, that happened a little later when he slipped, didn't get up past his knees and was so exasperated with himself he threw himself down on his board as if asleep, AND RODE THE WAVE NEARLY TO SHORE LIKE THAT. I, and the other onlookers, got a good laugh out of that one.

Dani-I stayed ashore tonight. I had the flu real bad this weekend (slept for 36 hours straight). Just sitting and watching tired me out.

Heath-These days every ride is a good ride for Heath. Give him a long board, give him a short board, give him a broken ugly board: he'll make it look good.
Dave-Enjoying a chill evening with the fam on the waves: priceless.
Afton: Not many pics of her surfing. She was busy making a surf video and then got tired and stole the camera from me. She claimed she didn't want me to be lonely. So sweet and thoughtful.

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