Monday, April 08, 2013

Don't Open That Door!

You know that age old closet, the one that when you open it all the stuff comes spilling out, flooding the room, burying the innocent onlooking children--at least that's how it happens in the movies. The beach balls bounce wildly across the room, the brooms fall and the papers blow furiously in the wind created by the obligatory and yet completely unnecessary fan that has been patiently waiting for this moment for who knows how long.

I can't decide whether I am the closet or the once tidy room or maybe even just an innocent passerby. Either way everything is a mess and I'm having trouble making sense of it and knowing whether to put my hands up and try to hold it all in or to run for cover. Too much stuff is what it all comes down to. I want it all just not all at once.

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