Tuesday, April 23, 2013


While braiding Cora's hair this morning I found uku's again. This is the third time this year and I'm about ready to scream. I'd love to blame it on some of her friends but after all of this I'm beginning to wonder if I just haven't done a good enough job in my eradication efforts. This morning I launched a full scale attack on the little buggers.

Cora gets a good head scrubbing and lots of nitpicking but we are not stopping there. Bed sheets, blankets, pillows and bed friends (stuffed animals) will get a long hot run through the laundry but I'm not stopping there either. Every single hairbrush and hair "thing" that she has been within 10 feet of will get boiled and sprayed and mattresses too will get a good coating of bug spray but I'm not stopping there either. These are all the usual prescription. Today I am going the extra mile.

Today I have bagged up every single fabric material item from the girls room: barbie clothes, stuffed animals on shelves, purses, upholstered chairs; and these will all get laundered, sprayed or will stay in those bags for 2 weeks in the hot sun on the front lanai.

Today I have emptied their closet and all their drawers of clean clothes--yes, even the clean clothes are getting a thorough, hot wash and dry. The clothes are bagged and on the front porch waiting for their turn in the laundry. They will not enter the door until the washer is ready for them.

Today I have removed an upholstered chair, two bean bags and a body pillow that will never return to the bedroom. I am sick of vacuuming and spraying these every time we have an uku scare and I never really know if I've got rid of everything. The best way to get rid of something is to really get rid of it. The stuff, though fun to have, is going, going, gone!

Today I have not stopped at the girls room. I have gone through the bathroom and removed all fabric and cloth items like bathrugs, shower curtains, hand towels and other items they come in contact with. All heading to the laundry.

Today I have continued my battle into the family room. We only have one couch that is upholstery but it is the one that the family sits on the most. The whole couch got a thorough cleaning: vacuuming and wiping down. And then it got sprayed down with a thorough coat of lice killing spray. When the spray drys the couch will get another thorough vacuuming.

Today I will thoroughly vacuum. Fortunately we have only one room with carpet. That's the front room and we rarely use the room. But still I will vacuum the room and then I will sweep and vacuum and steam mop all my hard surface floors in the girls room, the hallway, the bathroom, the laundry room and the family room, all the areas the girls--Cora specifically-- spend the most time in.

Today I will apply lice killing shampoo to every head that walks in my door. I don't care if they have no signs of bugs in their hair Heath, Kirkham and Dave will get a good washing just like the girls and I. They too will all get fresh sheets and sprayed down beds and vacuumed rooms and laundered clothes.

Tonight I will sleep peacefully.

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  1. Sounds like tonight you will sleep like the dead! I wish I was there to help you with all that extra work!


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