Monday, March 25, 2013

Odds and Ends

Spring Break started off with a bang. I got sick. I was sick over the weekend and on Monday, the first day of no school, I was feeling better but still not up to full speed. Heath and Kirkham had tennis and Afton had waterpolo and Dave had work. Cora and I were left to ourselves. By 8 we got ourselves up and out of the houes and went for a nice easy bike ride down the bike path.  
Shortly after we got home we got a phone call from our friend Lois. On Saturday she had made a bunch of sugar cookies and frosting and she hadn't been able to finish up the decorating and didn't want the rest of it. She was wondering if we would like it all. Of course Cora jumped at the chance and she invited a few friends over to help her out.

When the big kids got home from their matches Dave came home from work early and we headed into town to go suit shopping for Heath. We all had a very fun time at first at Nordstroms Rack, where we bought his suit, and then wandering through Ward Center and Ala Moana Mall. Kirkham found a few suits he liked too especially this one that he insisted I take a picture of. The favorite store of the night was the Lego store though it was also a bit of a disappointment because it was so expensive. We found a Cold Stone Creamery before we found any place to eat dinner and since we had Cold Stone gift cards that needed to be used we had ice cream for dinner. We ended up not eating dinner until 8pm when we stopped in at Costco for gas and grabbed the last few hot dogs and slices of pizza the cafe had before they closed their windows.

Tuesday was not nearly as much fun as Monday was especially because we were all so tired from our late night out the night before. I got up at my usual workout time but everyone else slept in a bit. Dave went to work, the boys went to their tennis team service project and the girls and I stayed home. After conducting a wedding dress alteration consultation the girls and I took turns giving each other back rubs until it was time for me to go to work. While I was gone they finished up their chores and all the kids spent the rest of the day playing with friends while I finished altering prom dresses. 

Wednesday was a great day for the kids. The boys had another Tennis match and the girls had nothing. After doing their chores they spent the rest of their time playing with friends. I spent my day working on Heath's vest and suit. It was about time considering the prom would be Thursday! By afternoon, though I was not quite done with the finishing touches I took a few hours to take the kids to the beach for some sun and surf with our friends. It was a nice break for me. After going home for dinner Dave, Heath and I headed out to surf some more after dinner, this time with Heath's prom date and her sister in tow.

Thursday morning did not start out the way I had planned. I had intended to do my usual workout with Jenny and instead was awakened by a sick Cora in the middle of the night. Poor thing spent the next 12 hours throwing up. I was already up and still had those finishing touches to put on Heath's suit so I alternated sewing with caring for the little sickling. Heath and Dave went out for an early morning surf session and then Heath started his prom date early and took Rachel out surfing and got back just in time to go grab her flowers from the Turtle Bay flower shop before I had to be to work. While I was gone he got ready for prom and by the time I got back I was greeted by a very handsome and eager boy all ready for prom. After taking pictures of the prom kids I spent the rest of the night doing more sewing projects (I've got quite a few lately) and the kids spent the time hanging out with friends.

I waited up for Heath all the way until 2:30 in the morning when he finally got home. He was tired and not feeling well. Unfortunately he spent half his prom in the bathroom vomitting. He even had to ask the van to pull over twice on the way home. He was the unfortunate victim of food poisoning. A few other kids suffered the same circumstances. The rest of Friday was spent recuperating from the busy week. Friday night Dave and I drove into Haleiwa for dinner at Opal Thai. What an AMAZING experience. Absolutely delicious dinner, especially the radish cake in garlic mushroom sauce and the perfect lemon grass curry. We had to wait a long time to get in and learned that next time we will have to make reservations first. We didn't get home until after 10pm.

Saturday Dave and Afton had the opportunity to go into town for her waterpolo match and to attend a UH women's NCAA waterpolo game. They had a fabulous day there. While they were gone I got out the whip and made the kids get down to business on some spring cleaning. It was raining so they didn't have much else to do. Bwahahaha!

Spring Break is nearly over now. This next week is kinda weird. We have Monday off as a teacher furlough day. Tuesday is Kuhio Day (a Hawaiian holiday). Wednesday is back to school but it is a half day. Thursday is a full day of school. Friday is no school again for Good Friday. Hopefully we can have a little more fun this week and a little less work.

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