Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Destination: Ha'aula Loop Trail

 We walked this trail for the first time clear back in September and I never got around to posting the pictures. It was a lovely hike perfect for a Sunday afternoon walk. We picked Strawberry Guava along the way and a few days later I brought my friend Jenny back and we picked buckets full of strawberry guava on the trail. We made lots and lots of freezer jam.
Trail head Marker 

Local wildlife

A fork in the road, the beginning of the loop.

About 1/3 of the way around the loop (we went right at the fork) we came to this pine forest. We had been told to  go off the path here and start walking (not running) down the hill.
And this is why we had to walk! A beautiful overlook of Haaula. It looks so tiny from here.

Back on the trail we walk deeper into the jungle for some stunning views.

There's a lot of interesting vegetation as we go in and out of Pine trees, mango trees, guava trees, lilikoi vines and lots more.

A mountain lilikoi (passionfruit). We picked and ate it. It had a different taste than the lilikoi we've had before. It was  sweeter and not so tart.

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