Saturday, March 02, 2013

$50 Shopping Trip!

Can it be? Did I really just walk out of the grocery store with 5 bags of groceries all for just $50? It may not be amazing for you mainlanders but for Hawaii this is incredible!

I subbed for Cora's class yesterday and during my lunch I was reading the newspaper where I noticed an ad from Foodland for an Aloha Friday sale. Oranges for 49 cents/ lb caught my eye as did the $4.99/lb Jumbo shrimp.I remembered that they also had Fuji apples on sale for the unheard of price of 97 cents/lb and Oreos too were on sale but I couldn't remember for how much.

After work I dropped into Foodland and swung by the customer service desk grabbing a weekly ad to double check the sales. Low and behold not only were Oreos on sale but the ad had a coupon for $2 off when you buy 2! Worthwhile coupons are few and far between here and I was so excited because now the decently priced $3/bag Oreos were only $2/bag. I have never seen cookies that cheap here.

As I finished loading up on Apples and Oranges I  noticed the produce guy come out from the back of the store with 4 large bags of bananas. Usually these bags contain nearly rotten bananas but these didn't look too bad at all and were marked half off: 69 cents/lb! (Yes, I know you mainlanders get your bananas for 39 cents a pound but here, even at Costco, 69/lb is a rock bottom price). I grabbed the biggest bag which just happened to have the most beautiful bananas in it.

I bought:
2# Jumbo shrimp for $10
12# Fuji apples for $11
10+# Navel Oranges for $5
11# Bananas for $7.50
2 bags Oreos for $4
2 gallons Milk for $10
Grand Total including tax $49.80!!
(4% sales tax on everything here including food)

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  1. Haha this is one of your only posts that makes me NOT miss Hawaii. Lol. Food is so expensive!!


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