Friday, February 22, 2013

The Great Aloha Run

I did it, I did it!

I wore my new shorts and shirt to keep me cool enough to keep up the run in the early morning sun. I couldn't wear my new socks because when I took them out of the package to put them on they were too small! Such a bummer. They were really nice padded and supportive running socks too. It was probably the last time I will wear my bright green ultralight running shoes. The soles are wearing thin and I've put a lot of miles on them.

Dave drove me and my friend Beth into Honolulu. We left at 4:30 in the morning. He dropped us off a few blocks from the starting line. The downtown was pretty busy filled with busses, cars, and lots of people making their way inside the barriers to the race route. We lined up just behind the starting line and we were surrounded by hordes of people and the dark windy morning air was full of talking, laughter, marching military corps, high school bands and piped in music from the local radio station. It was a party.

There were so many people lining the streets I felt like I was an exhibit in a parade. I was glad to be surrounded by so many other runners. The "audience" lining the streets were cheering and shouting, taking pictures and some were passing out roses.

I came up to the first water station a lot quicker than I expected. It was 2.5 miles from the start. I wasn't really thirsty but it was nice to swish the cool water around in my mouth and to let it drip down my face a bit. I didn't stop or even walk through the water station. I ran. I was surprised that so many people slowed or stopped there but was glad because the boost from passing so many people carried my for quite a while. I did the same through every water station and felt the same at every one.

There were military and ROTC groups running and chanting (they don't call it chanting though-what do they call it?) the whole way I passed most of them by about the halfway mark but I had a hard time pulling ahead of the very front formation. I was starting to get tired and the steady rhythm that they were holding was really helpful. It kept me going.

Surprisingly I was able to pull out the stops in the last 1/4 mile stretch. I ran hard and as I crossed the line and began to slow down my legs for the first time felt like they were going to crumble under me. Fortunately they did not. I walked on.

A Windy but Great Aloha Run
Great Aloha Run brings many together for fun and charity
The Great Aloha Run
Race Results

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