Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Much Appreciated

Saturday night I came straight home from the play and crashed. It was about 11pm. I didn't bother doing any clean up or anything. I gave the actors instructions to hang their clothes in the locker room and I left one costuming student there to answer any questions. It felt so good to walk away and know that I was happy with what I had accomplished and I could finally get a good's night sleep without (hopefully) dreaming about wardrobe malfunctions.

Today I went back to class and we cleaned up the costumes and began our prep for our next show which is in less than three weeks. At the end of class the director for Little Women came in to thank my crew for their hard work. None of us had made it to the Cast Party the last night and he had a surprise for us. He brought a box of chocolates and an ice cream bar for everyone. Then his student worker presented me with a beautiful lei and a large Thank you card from the cast. Each of them had written a little note and signed their name. So many nice sentiments. It really made me feel good.

But what made me feel so very good was this note that I found on my desk just before leaving the shop for the day (I will preface this by saying I don't think I have any blog readers in Laie, but if I have one or two please keep this little note between you and I. Thanks):

I think I'm gonna frame it.

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