Saturday, February 23, 2013

Last Night

Tonight is the last night of the play and again I am in the back. Before the play I febreezed and steamed the costumes and laundered four makeup stained items. During the play I have tied two bows. The rest of the time I have spent doing one of my favorite things in the world: crunching numbers.

Tonight I have computed total man hours to complete the costuming for this play ( "Little Women"). This is what I came up with:

My students spent 84 hours in class working on costumes. They spent another 83 hours out of class working on the costumes. That is a total of 167 hours and I've only got 3 students! One of those very committed students worked 40 of those 83 out-of-class hours.

My student assistant, Jessica, has worked approximately 85.5 hours. She is a paid student worker. In January she took a few days off because she was sick and she took a couple more when she got married.

So far that is a total of 252.5 hours from students, paid and unpaid.

I spent 12 hours (possibly more but that's all I documented) reading and re-reading the script, researching the period and designing the costumes. I spent 6 hours shopping for materials and pieces. That does not include travel time because I combined every shopping trip with at least one personal in-town errand. I have been instructing students in the costume construction through 28 hours of class time. Lastly, I spent 91 more hours in the costume shop working on costumes. This includes sewing, fitting, finishing, laundering and also all the dress rehearsal and show prep.

That's a total of 137 hours that I have spent costuming this, my first show, Little Women.

Total man hours=389.5

Soon I'll post some pictures of the costumes, all taken from back stage.

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