Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A Protective Layer

The other day after school Kirkham was telling us about his ab workout in PE that day. He insisted we all poke his stomach and feel his flexed muscles.

We all took turns feeling his abs and Heath teased him about having a protective layer of fat over them (an old joke Kirkham used to say to Heath).

When we were done poking Kirkham's stomach and offering our obligatory compliments of course everyone else needed a chance to show off. We took turns poking Heath and Cora while Kirkham told us that someone with a some fat didn't have abs they had "fabs". We debated if any of us had fabs or not.

I was last in line to be prodded. I flexed. The kids claimed they were impressed and Cora said, "You've only got a protective layer of clothing over your abs."

Thank you Cora. You knew just the right thing to say.

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  1. i dont hink there could be a nicer compliment after all of your hard work! way to go!


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