Thursday, January 10, 2013

Second Day of Class

The dual purpose of my class is to provide the Theater Department Costume Designer/Manager (me) with laborers and to provide students an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in costume production. There are no pre-requisites for the class. Students don't have to have any experience sewing, crafting, drawing, acting, anything! Oh, I take that back. They have to want to be there: Desire.

Though I didn't have any students at the beginning of my first class I had three at the end. Three excited and committed students who already have a little experience in sewing and costuming. Hurray! This makes my job a little easier. Today during class I got one more, also an experienced seamstress. I now have 4 students plus one student worker and myself. We have 45 costumes to pull together in 5 weeks time.

I am having severe swings of self doubt this week. One minute I am so excited about this class and the costume production we will be doing for the upcoming plays. (Four weeks after "Little Women" is our next production "Three Sisters") The next minute I am ready to puke as I contemplate how many costumes we must do with so little time and money and knowledgeable laborers. 

I think I can . . .I think I can . . .I think I can . . .


  1. You are one of the most organized and motivated people that I know. If anyone can do it, you can!!


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