Thursday, January 17, 2013


Wow, this week went by fast!

I'm starting to get the hang of teaching a class. We've gone through most of the basics like how to read a script, doing research on the period, taking measurements and doing fittings on actors. We've also toured the costume shop storage rooms. One is stuffed full of costumes of every sort and the other is full of fabric and supplies. We have pulled some costumes and fabric from storage and we have started sewing petticoats.

My arm is healing but it's slow going. I have most of my strength back and about 75% of my range of motion. My arm is still black and blue and a bit swollen. I still have a large bump on my tricep but it is now the size of a large gumball instead of an egg. It still hurts too though mostly that is when something is touching my arm. It doesn't ache when I'm just standing or sitting or whatever. I went out surfing on Saturday night and it was a little painful but I managed to catch a few waves.

On Tuesday night we took the family out Kayaking. We bought a new kayak last Friday night. We've been wanting one for over a year but it has taken a lot of patience to get a good one for a good price. This kayak is lightly used. The previous owner only took it out 4 or 5 times. It came with new seats and two new paddles. It is a Malibu 2 Ocean Kayak and we got it for $400. An excellent deal. On Tuesday we took turns paddling around Hukilau Bay.

Yesterday I didn't have a class to teach and so I got to spend some quality time working at home. I tackled my pile of papers and filing cabinet. It took me all day. I cleaned out old files, sorted through for documents I will need for my taxes (I can't wait to do my taxes next month! yes, I'm serious), and filed all the stuff that has been building up on the corner of my desk. I even went through all the warrantee paperwork for stuff we own and threw away the forms and manuals for stuff we don't have anymore. I was so thorough that at the end of the day I shredded everything. I got it all outside in time for the garbage man to take it away today. Hurray!

Cora has had a mystery rash this week. She says she first noticed it last Wednesday on her neck, it felt bumpy. She didn't show it to me until Saturday. By that time it was down her chest and upper back. Red bumpy spots. Raised and red, like chicken pox without pustules. We washed all her sheets and clothes and made sure that her soaps and products were the same as usual. They were. She didn't have a fever or any other symptoms. It didn't really itch either so we kept an eye on it until we could go to the Doc on Monday. He didn't know what it was either and told me to give her Benedryl for a few days. The rash continues to spread slowly down her legs, not to her knees yet. The nurse today said unless she has fever or shortness of breath or some other symptom it will probably go away on it's own. She is still taking Benedryl.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. We've got a lot on the menu: Cora has an ortho appt., kids have some shopping to do in town, Afton has Science Olympics, the boys have a swim meet, Dave will be taking the GRE, Dave and I will be attending the Arbinger Choice Seminar by Chad Ford, I will be stopping into the Pearl Ridge Fabric Mart (the only fabric store on the island that I haven't yet visited), and hopefully I'll still have some time to surf and go for my long Saturday morning run. And that's all just Friday and Saturday.

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