Sunday, January 06, 2013

My Great Kids

I just have to brag today about my super awesome kids. No, there were no contests won or awards granted. No talks or presentations. No great deeds or services done. I just had a nice weekend hanging out with them and no, we didn't do anything special. Tonight as we were gathered together to read scriptures and have prayer my heart was filled with love and gratitude for my four splendid kiddos.

Our church time changed today. Church now starts at 8 am instead of noon. Since I am the organist and the boys help prepare sacrament and set up chairs for classes this means that we have to be to church no later than 7:30. The kids all got themselves up, showered and ready without complaint. 

I was very tired today and when I asked for help with a few minor chores after church they did them. While they helped they visited and giggled with each other. Afton put Pandora Mormon Tabernacle choir station on (on her own accord) and we listened to the relaxing music while completing our tasks. 

Tonight the kids were looking for something to do. They spent about 10 minutes discussing which movies they wanted to watch and together came to the conclusion that they wanted to watch the old "Rescuers Down Under" Kirkham suggested it because he thought the girls would like it. The girls hadn't seen it before and yes, they liked it.

Cora had a problem with her braces tonight. One of the wires had popped loose and she had popcorn stuck in a couple spots. I had her lay face up with her neck draped across my half indian-style crossed leg so I could peer into her mouth to remedy the problem. Afton gladly got all the tools I required. "Afton I need a flashlight." She got the light. "Afton I need my glasses." She ran for the glasses. "Afton I need some tweezers." Off she ran again. "Afton I need the special flosser loop." This went on for a while. Each time she got what I needed and returned back to her book again. No complaint.

Heath saw that we were low on dish towels and put a load of towels through the laundry without me even telling him. Love it when someone sees a problem and fixes it on their own!

They all complimented me on the dinner I made tonight. Spaghetti (homemade meat sauce, a new recipe from my Alton Brown Recipe Book I got for Christmas), Artisan Bread, Romaine/Mozzarella/Black Olive Salad. And they smothered me with praise for my dessert: Chocolate Ice Cream and Mint Oreos.

I love that my kids are helpful. I love that my kids are kind to each other and like hanging out together. I love that my kids are not big complainers. I love that my kids know how to work. I love that my kids are independent. I love that my kids make uplifting media choices. I love that they always want to do what is right. I love so many things about my kids. I feel so lucky to have them. What a great blessing they are in my life.

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  1. Well they are the luckiest kids to have you as their momma! I agree you have great kids. I miss them all.


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