Thursday, January 03, 2013

Don't Freak Out

Don't freak out but I've injured myself again. It happened last Saturday while, you guessed it, I was out surfing. Though I thought at first I might have broken my arm it seems as though I have gotten lucky and just have a deep muscle bruise.

Here's what happened: I was out at Castle's (the spot we went to surf the last day you were here) surfing with the family. The sun was shining and the waves were pretty good and we were having a great day. There were a lot of people out but plenty of waves. Some of those people were just learning and we had been cheering them on all day.

I was starting to get a little tired after a couple hours of surfing but after catching an awesome ride nearly all the way in to the shore break I decided I could paddle out for "just one more". I turned my board around and started paddling into a set that was rolling in. I paddled over the top of the first wave and spotted, right in front of me, one of the newbie surfers--who was finally up on first wave--coming right at me.

Rather than dump my board and dive under water--which is what you usually do when someone is coming straight at you--I chose to turn my board a few degrees to the left and paddle hard. I didn't want to ruin the guy's first ride. The good news is I got out of the guys wave. The bad news is because I was at a weird angle to the wave it caught my board and flipped me around.

The flip flop of the board and I that ensued happened so fast that it is a big blur. I got hit by the board in the face first. It hit me hard diagonally across my nose and mouth. I reached at the board to try to tuck it under my arm to control it but was still tumbling and didn't realize the board was upside down. Having the board upside down under your arm is a big no no because the fins are pointing up. As the board and I continued to roll through the wave (this was such a small wave that it is ridiculous that all of this happened and that I got hurt. It is almost embarrassing) the board was grabbed by the wave, made a mad dash for shore and slammed the fins into my tricep. Tricep is a fancy name for the muscle at the back of your arm.

The pain of my arm and nose instantly knocked the wind out of me and I let go of the board and intentionally dropped deeper into the water to avoid any more contact with the board. I held what was left of my breath while I floated and felt my nose to make sure it was still there and then I tried to move my right arm. I couldn't really move it. I used my left arm to paddle to the surface and find my board. I used my left arm to heave myself onto my board. I used my left hand to check my nose and mouth for blood. I could taste blood but there wasn't any on my hand. I used my left arm to push myself up to stradle the board and I sat for a minute to look around and make sure no one was laughing at me.

For a minute I was tempted to keep paddling out but one stroke with my right arm told me that wouldn't be so. I tucked it up on the board and slowly paddled toward shore still tasting blood and checking my nose. As I approached shore I was worried about getting out of the water while keeping control of my board one armed. But then I spotted Cora and her friend a few paddles off. I talked them into playing with the board for a while and then floated myself into shore the rest of the way.

I wanted to get out of the water real cool, without looking like an idiot that just got hurt surfing a keiki surf spot, and I thought I was doing a pretty good job of it. Apparently I was wrong because in no time Dave and our buddy Rand were at my side asking if I was OK. I was not OK but I didn't want to cut anyone's surf day short. I did my best to keep acting cool. I was so happy when I walked back over to our little spot of the beach and found all the kids sun bathing and 100% ready to call it a day.

Other than a big goose egg on the back of my arm and a couple of red fin marks my arm looked fine. I iced it and Dave wrapped it in a compression bandage. I took ibuprofen and spent the rest of the day laying still. Everytime I moved it hurt.

Sunday I woke up hurting still and Dave and I debated going in to see if it was broken. We decided to wrap it and rest it another day and see what happened. By Sunday night my arm was very swollen and had a little bit of bruising but it was feeling better than it had in 36 hours. I was sleeping every night with my arm propped up high on a pillow. Monday was a little better and so was Tuesday. Tuesday night the bruising started to show up and Wednesday I woke up black, blue and red from mid-forearm to my armpit. Wednesday night it was starting to hurt again.

Last night I woke up several times in the night with pain in my arm and I think it is because the swelling and bruising are moving. And probably because I'm trying to keep up with my normal schedule as much as possible. I started driving again on Wednesday. I made dinner on Wednesday. I did laundry and I went running. I probably need to take it easy for another few days.

The kids and Dave think my bruising is pretty awesome. Dave has been taking pictures that I will post when I have a good progression. They are being helpful (doing their usual chores), doing a lot of heavy lifting (pouring milk for me) and moving (getting off the couch when I want it) and stuff for me when I whimp out. I am anxious to get out surfing again soon but it's been raining so, don't worry mom, I'm not going out yet. I think the rain is God's way of telling me to rest a little longer.

It's getting pretty late now and I've gotta get to bed and let my body heal but tomorrow I will post some video of me surfing so you can see why I keep doing it despite my unexplainable magnetism for minor disaster.

Love you lots,

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