Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 Goals

Last Year's Goals

In 2012 I did not do a very good job of completing my 2012 New Year's resolutions. I did not pay off half of my student loan (though I was able to lower the interest rate on it and I still make the same high-as-i-can-possibly-afford payments; I should be able to meet my ultimate goal to pay it off before Heath graduates next year). I did not finish the Christmas stockings. I did not make a blog book or take a photography class. I did not visit the Big Island/Volcanoes national park. I did not go on an overnight backpacking trip.

Despite all these "did not"s looking back over the year in Dooleysdoodles blogland you can see that I still managed to have a pretty productive year. I taught a LOT. I got a new job. I got fit and healthy and lost 30 pounds. I traveled to NYC and to Washington state. I made a beautiful blessing dress for my newest niece Elliana. Unfortunately none of those were on my list.

The few items on the list that I did complete were: I ran the Gunstock 5K. I got good enough at surfing to surf a good size wave. I snorkeled without freaking out and I am in the process of growing bananas. I think it will be another few months before they blossom. I also read a few good books: "Running into the Wind:Bronco Mendenhall", "The Entitlement Trap" by Linda and Richard Eyre, "Cleaning House" by Kay Wills Wyma, "Brain Training for Runners" by Matt Fitzgerald, "The Costume Designers Handbook" and "The Costume Technicians Handbook" by Rosemary Ingham and Liz Covey, "Doing What We Came to Do" by Ardith Kapp, "More Power Sewing" by Sandra Betzina, and many other books.

This Year's Goals

1.   Looking into the New Year I've already got a lot coming up and I just want to survive and thrive through everything that is coming my way:

    • New Job as a Costume Designer/Wardrobe Manager/Teacher. I've got so much to learn.
    • I'm still the Organist at church and I'm still working on learning how to use the pedals appropriately.
    •  I've been asked to be the Girls Camp Director for our Young Women's Summer Camp. I have no idea what that entails. Haven't done anything like it for a very long time.
    • The rental contract for my house in Washington is due to expire at the end of May. and the renter has expressed interest in moving. I've got to find a new renter and make sure the house is clean, repaired and ready for that new renter.
    • I'm organizing a 40 year reunion this summer for my family (my parents 40th anniversary is next November) and will be hosting my siblings and their families here for that.
    • Heath is starting his Senior year in September!
    • Next December is the end of our rental contract here. The owners will be moving back and we will need to find a new place to live. 

2.    I also want to be sure to maintain my weight loss and continue to improve my level of fitness by training for and completing at least two of the following:

    • Run the 8+ mile Great Aloha Run on February 18th.
    • Organize and participate in an unofficial sprint triathalon with friends this summer.
    • Run the Gunstock half marathon in October.
    • Run the "Faux Ho" marathon in December. (Faux means fake and Ho is for Honolulu.The Honolulu Marathon is run every year on a Sunday. I have a group of friends here who organize their own marathon on the North Shore on the Saturday before to avoid breaking the Sabbath. It starts in Laie, runs to Waimea and then back to Laie.)
3.    Lastly I want to finish the Christmas Stockings that have been 16 years in the making!

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