Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve

Not even 5 minutes after my last post Dave came home from the football game. I wasn't alone long but I didn't let that keep me from getting stuff done. Over the weekend I sewed 6 pairs of pajamas, two skirts, went surfing, finished cross-stitching Cora's name into her Christmas stocking (yes, it has really taken me 9 years to get this done), finished my Christmas shopping, attended Heath and Kirkham's swim meet in Mililani, attended a Christmas White Elephant exchange party, participated in our church Christmas program and took a 3 hour nap after church.

Early Friday morning I took the turkey and ham out of the freezer and put them in the refrigerator downstairs to thaw. Last night when I went to check on them the ham was defrosted but the turkey was still rock hard. I ended up having to put it into a water bath overnight. Fortunately it is feeling soft now but I'm sure it is still frozen inside because the water in the container is freezing cold. I hope it defrosts in time I've got people coming for Christmas Eve dinner tonight!

The kids and Dave have had a Lord of the Rings movie marathon this past week. Last night they were up until 11 watching. After the movie Afton came to me, scratching her head and asking for a kiss goodnight. She complained about an itchy scalp and asked me to check her hair. "Check it for what?" I asked. "Ukus", she responded. And then she continued to tell me that her friend had Ukus last week and another one had them a month ago. Completely grossed out and a little disturbed that I hadn't gotten this news earlier I checked her head. I didn't find any Ukus but I did find eggs.

Ukus are the Hawaiian word for Lice. So today, Christmas Eve, the day I am supposed to be tidying up my house and making cookies and delivering goodies to my visiting teachers and to Dave's home teaching families, the day I am cooking a turkey and a ham and wrapping presents and prettying myself and my family up in time for guests coming over at 3pm. Today of all days I am now washing all the bedding, stuffed animals, towels and clothes in hot water, vacuuming all the couches and carpets, washing all the kids hair and hair brushes, picking through everyone's hair with a fine toothed comb and hunting down every last ucky Uku I can find.

Merry Christmas Eve!

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