Thursday, December 27, 2012

Did I Tell You?

1. Did I tell you that for Halloween the kids made their own costumes? Kirkham made a robot costume out of all sorts of stuff. He did this in his art class. Cora was a witch. She really didn't make it but she found the cape that was lost in my sewing stash. Afton was a glow stick. She bought some flourescent spray paint at a garage sale, sprayed down some old stained white pants and t-shirt and bought herself an assortment of glow stick accessories like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Heath was sick and didn't get to do anything for Halloween except sleep. A few of his friends stopped by to say "hi" he woke up enough to drag himself to the door to say "hi" back and then went straight back to bed. It was pretty pitiful. His friends felt so bad for him that they each left a handful of candy for him to enjoy when he was better.

2. Did I tell you that we did three science fair projects? Afton did a project on ink chromatography. Cora's project was comparing the freezing points of oil and vinegar. Kirkham's was making a tennis ball mortar and testing which angle produced the longest range shot. They were cool projects and the kids are finally at the point that my involvement is pretty minimal. OH JOY! I've trained them well.

3. Did I tell you that we hosted a BIG Thanksgiving dinner at our house? We had about 45 men, women and children all gathered around. Everyone pitched in bringing different dinner items. The kids ran around and played and ate. The adults sat and ate. We visited. We ate some more. We visited. We had lots of pie. It was a lot of fun. It wasn't anything fancy because I don't have much fancy stuff since we moved here. All the plates and napkins were paper and the cups and utensils plastic. My tablecloths didn't match and most of the serving spoons were wooden. But nobody cared. It is nice to not have to worry about that stuff all the time.

4. Did I tell you that just an hour or so after our last Thanksgiving guests left my parents showed up!? Yes! My parents were able to come and visit for a week during Thanksgiving break. It was nice to see them and hug them and spend time with them. We had a blast teaching grampa how to surf and he got up on his first try. He is Amazing! We took them to the PCC. They got to see one of Kirkham's tennis matches. They were able to see Cora compete in the annual school Turkey Trot. We took Grampa to the Hawaii State Championship Football Game where Kahuku won. Heath played Trumpet in the pep band for the game (I'm sure that helped the team a lot).

5. Did I tell you that the same day my parents left, Dave and I left for NYC? Post to come on Sunday.

6. Did I tell you that I got a terrible Portuguese Man-o-war sting? The weather was so horrible when we got back from NY I wasn't able to surf for about a week (a total of 2.5 weeks away from surfing). The day I finally got out, a Friday morning, I got stung so bad that I was crying and couldn't drive myself home. Fortunately I had some friends with me and Jenny drove my truck the 20 minutes back to Laie. I was wincing and whining and breathing heavy and pounding the dashboard and clutching my stomach the whole way home. It was my first bad sting ever and the poison made it's way to my gland which makes the pain ten times worse. I'll put it this way I have never been in so much pain without an epidural shortly on it's way. Back cramps and stomach cramps and throbbing pain and shooting pain. I went home and took some Benedryl and Tylenol and did my best to fall asleep. It was really hard to stay still though and if anything brushed against my leg it magnified the pain. By the next day it was quite a bit better but then the itching began. I still have the rash on my leg today and it is still a little itchy at times and it has been 2 weeks.

7. Did I tell you that I got the job at BYU Hawaii? I am the new Costume Designer and wardrobe manager for the Theater department. I am also an adjunct professor teaching the Costume Design and Production class. I'm really excited about it and have been working hard on research for the first play "Little Women" the musical. I've also been tweaking the curriculum a bit to better accommodate the needs of the theater department.

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  1. Congrats on the job! You guys are just thriving. Seems like everything is going so well! The house, the job, the kids are doing so well. I'm so happy for you guys!


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