Thursday, November 15, 2012

Five Good Reasons Not to Work

I have only had two days of work in the past month. This is a bit frustrating because I need the moolah. Fortunately I have planned ahead and have some in savings as well as plenty of food in my pantry and freezer. As long as work starts picking up by the end of the year we will be just fine.

There is a bright side to not working much. I have gotten a lot done and have had more time for other things. Here are the top 5 things I have been working on while I've been out of work.

  1. The kids have taken turns getting sick and because I wasn't working I was able to stay home and take care of them. Hate taking care of sick kids but hate kids being sick without me even more. 
  2. We have had two different families come and visit while I've been "off" work. The Sullivans were in town for 10 days visiting from Utah. Bonnie (Henderson) Sullivan is a dear friend from high school. Her parents are serving a mission here in Laie. She and her family stayed at Turtle Bay and we had so much fun seeing them and playing with them again (they were here last year too).Our good friends the Lawrensons also snuck over here for a quick visit for my birthday. It was fun to teach them how to surf and take them snorkeling and go to dinner with them at Kahuku Grill and PCC (Their treat! Thanks!).
  3. Not working has also given me the opportunity to do some sewing. I have made some patterns and have sewn a couple shirts for Dave. I've dug through my closet to find clothes I need altered. Anything older than 6 months old is now in a pile in my sewing room waiting to be down sized.
  4. I've been able to inquire about a position that is coming open at BYU Hawaii. The theatre department costume designer and costume design teacher wants to help her son start a new business and can't do both jobs. She has been looking for a replacement. My name was dropped to her by my friend Amy. I have been talking to her and go in today to talk to the department head. Wish me luck! It doesn't pay enough to quit substituting but it will be a consistent check and it will be FUN!
  5. Planning my trip to NYC! Yes! Dave has a business trip to New York soon and I will be accompanying him. I have always been interested in going there but had no idea what to do there. I have been researching and have made a nice long list of places to visit, things to see and a couple very important people to see.
And, 6 I have finally gotten around to blogging again :-)

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