Tuesday, October 23, 2012


It's conference week this week at the elementary school so I am assuming that is why I didn't have a job yesterday or today. That, and my phone is still broken. My new phone should be in this week.

Yesterday I spent the day catching up on bills (yes, I know it is the 23rd of the month), paperwork, phone calls, and cleaning. I finally got my address changed with my insurance company--3 months later. I finally got my pots and pans into a cupboard and posted a few items for sale online. I also had time to whip together a pattern and mock up of a shirt design Dave has had in mind for a while. I'll finish it up today.

Also on the docket for today: I'm heading into town for doctor's appointments and shopping. I get to have a mammogram today. This will be my third mammogram. I started getting them when I was 30 because my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 42.  Though I was young the doc said it was a good idea to start 10 years before my mother's onset just to make sure they had a good baseline. I had my next when I was 35. Next week I turn 38 and I guess my doctor wants to start me on the every 3 year plan. Better safe than sorry.

Cora has another Orthodontist appointment this afternoon. Her teeth are looking so much better. She can bite things now! Her speech is still a little funny but her speech therapist thinks that's mostly from the braces--her tongue thrust is, for the most part, tamed. And by funny I of course mean super cute.

My shopping list consists mostly of regular old boring stuff like sugar and tuna and cottage cheese and hairspray. I'll be at both Costco and Walmart. I'll look for a few items the kids need for Halloween. For some reason Kirkham put lighter fluid and long matches on my list, yikes! I might stop in at Savers or Goodwill too. I need another deep fryer for my Donut Dunk this Saturday. We have invited so many people that I really need to have two batches going at a time or I'll be over that oil for way too long.

Cora and I will get some dinner while at Costco. It has become a little date for us everytime we go in for the orthodontist. We do ortho, go to Costco, eat, shop, talk and visit and play. She sits in the front seat and controls the radio and sings really loud. She usually falls asleep on the way home.

By the time we get home tonight it will be late but I don't think the other kids will be home yet. They are going to Haunted Lagoon at the PCC with some friends. Dave will be at the temple tonight. He works there every Tuesday night. Hopefully we'll get home about the same time he does so he can help me unload the two weeks of supplies I will be bringing home.

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