Thursday, October 18, 2012


Per yesterday's post my phone broke. I've decided that my HTC EVO 4G is irreplaceable. Yep, you heard it! I am not replacing it. Not with the same model nor am I replacing it with a similar model.  I am not replacing it with an iPhone or a Blackberry or a Tablet or anything nearly as fancy.

I am simplifying.

My phone plan was costing me $126 per month. It included my phone and an extra basic line phone. I had a 25% off friends and family discount.  I had over 1500 shared minutes per month, unlimited text, unlimited data (on my phone only), free long distance, free mobile to mobile, free nights and week ends. A pretty good deal I thought until I took a closer look at my bill.

Last month I used 200 minutes from my plan.  The month before that I used 125. In all the previous 5 months (since Dave dropped from the plan to go to a phone provided by work) I had not used over 300 minutes. That got me thinking about changing my plan.

As I cross checked my plan to my bill I could plainly see that most of my calls were nights, weekends, and mobile to mobile. Those minutes were not included in the billable minutes because on the plan they were free. I still wanted to be able to get those in a new plan. In the comparison I also noted my need for unlimited texting; my kids, my friends, and my hubby all do a lot of texting.

As I cross checked possible plans with possible phones I had to sit myself down and have good long conversation about needs and wants.  Do I need GPS? Yes. Do I need music? Yes. Do I need an 8 megapixel camera with a lens on front and a lens on back? I guess not. Do I need 32 Gigs of storage? I suppose I could get by with less if I've got a mini SD slot. Do I need long battery life? Absolutely. Do I need 4G? Absolutely not.

After a lot of hashing and considering and debating amongst myself I finally came to the decision to get a less expensive plan through the University (Dave's employer) and to get two much less expensive phones for FREE with my new contract. I am saving myself at least $300 in up front phone purchasing costs with this decision.  I am also saving myself at least $40 a month. Between the two that is a total of $1260 over the course of the two year contract!

$1260 is half of what I need to fly the family back to the mainland for a visit, or enough for me to go on three business trips with Dave, or almost enough to take the family on vacation to the Big Island, or enough to buy three used kayaks and a moped, or enough to buy groceries for 6 weeks, or gas for 10, or . . .

Anyways, it should all be finalized this afternoon.  I'll let you know about the phones when I get them.

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