Friday, October 05, 2012

Happy Friday!

I wasn't expecting to enjoy working on the elementary school Fall Play but as it turns out I really enjoyed myself. I'm beginning to notice this pattern in many aspects of my life and am wondering if this is an issue I should address: being more positive. Anyways . . . .

At the beginning of the week I was dreading it.  I have never done costuming on this scale before and was afraid of messing it up, creating more work for myself and others than we could handle, and ending my week on a bad note: tired and stressed out. I was in charge of costuming over 100 kids and it all had to be done in 5 days time.

Fortunately several of the scene moms did their own costuming or a large portion of it.  The monkeys scene I didn't have to lift a finger for, the pig hunters also required no work on my part and the football players originally were going to need some assistance from me but ended up changing their costumes to something simpler. That was 30 costumes I didn't have to worry about. Another 30 costumes only needed small items from the costuming department: fabric sashes, flower lei's, streamers. I was left with a little over 40 costumes to worry about.

For the other costumes I had so many volunteers that came in and helped out that I spent most of my time overseeing and very little time actually working on costumes. I really appreciated that people were honest about what they could do both talent-wise and time-wise and was able to give them jobs that fit their abilities. Hopefully everyone walked away feeling helpful and enthusiastic and most importantly not stressed out. It was a joy to sit and watch the play today and see all the happy faces.

My friend Lois Colton is putting clips of the play onto YouTube. If you are interested in watching any of them here is the link to the Lois Colton channel.

After the play I helped with clean up and brought home boxes of costumes to be sorted and prepped for storage tonight and tomorrow. I pulled into the driveway and Heath and two friends walked up at the same time. Originally the plan was to play at the beach the rest of the day but as Heath and Camille and TK carried my boxes up the stairs I quickly realized my plans had been changed. They were talking about "what we could make to take to the party tonight?" Heath had offered our place for the task.

I was a little embarrassed at first because this week I have had doctors and dentists appointments and Costco runs and Walmart trips and Fall Play preparation and everything has pretty much come home and been dumped--I chose to surf with Heath instead of putting things away. While the three teens pulled out all my recipe books and cards and notes and browsed through my blog for recipes I hurriedly tidied up the mess.  The kids settled on making donuts. A good choice, I must say.

I broke the news to Afton, Cora and Kirkham that we would not be going to the beach and none of them seemed to mind too much.  Afton and Kirkham started a movie and Cora ran out to the trampoline to play with her friends. I stayed close enough to the kitchen to guide Heath and friends through the recipe when needed but stayed mostly out of sight so they didn't feel like I was breathing down their necks. (This way I can spy on them a little better; they speak more freely thinking out of sight, out of hearing range. he he he.)

While the dough was rising they pulled out Settlers of Catan. I continued my cleaning spree and sorted through my bathroom and closet. I've been neglecting both since we moved in. I also scrubbed my shower and tub, swept all the floors (a huge task in this mostly carpetless house), vacuumed under couches and around the edges of each room, and worked on laundry.

When the dough was ready to shape I gave the group a quick lesson on rolling and cutting. While the donuts sat for their second rise the kids all went out to play on the trampoline and I threw together a quick dinner of pasta, Panko breaded chicken (from Costco) and green salad. When they came back in another lesson on frying was had. Each took turns frying and decorating. The chicken was done by the time they were putting in the last batch. 

After eating dinner and sharing a few donuts with us the group, now four kids: Heath, Camille, TK and Megan, thanked me profusely for letting them fry donuts. They complimented my recipe and my teaching and even my aprons and asked if they could come back and do it again. I think they were being genuine (they want me to open a bakery and hire them to make donuts).  They were very happy when they left for their party proudly carrying a sheet pan loaded with their creations. Heath promised to do the dishes when he gets home tonight.

A few minutes after they took off, Afton and Cora ran out the door to meet their friends Kali and Arwen. The four of them are walking to the Laie Movie theatre to see Hotel Transylvania together. Kirkham left at the same time but went in the opposite direction.  He will be hanging with his buddies at the park tonight for night games.

So here I am at 7:33pm with a mostly clean house, a warm donut in my tummy and a couple hours to myself. Dave is still in SLC on business. It is too late to surf. I guess I get to watch a movie, or read a book, or sew something. Or maybe I'll go for a run. It's been a good day.

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