Friday, October 26, 2012

Birthday Wish List

Less than a week until my 38th birthday. Don't have anything special planned for the day. I'm hoping I get a sub job--haven't had any this week. My kids and hubby have been wondering what I am wanting for my special day so here is my list.

  • I'm hoping someone makes something yummy for dinner. I don't care what it is just as long as they plan it and cook it. 
  • For my birthday cake I'd like a lemon poke cake with whip cream on top (recipe will be posted shortly)
  • I'd like both my surfboards repaired. This would be a great gift from Heath since he broke one and cut into the other.
  • A New Cell Phone. I've already ordered it. I got it for free with my new contract. I'm just really hoping that it gets here before my birthday.
  • A New Toaster. Nothing fancy, just a toaster with two slots that are big enough for a bagel. Though it's not very sophisticated looking I prefer plastic to metal because it is easier to clean.
  • A Spritz Cookie Press. It's on sale this week at BedBath & Beyond and I've got a $5 off coupon! The coupon is in the BB&B ad on top of my computer, hint, hint.
  • Phantom of the Opera sheet music for Organ.
  • Phantom of the Opera DVD. The one with Minnie Driver. 
  • Some new workout clothes but don't try to buy these for me. Just give me some money and a ride to Ross :-)
  • A trip to NYC?

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