Friday, September 21, 2012

Miss Washington?

I'm going home. My flight departs at 10:15am from SeaTac. It has been a nice trip.  I must admit I wasn't super excited about the trip because I was worried about leaving my family AND I didn't know if coming back would make me miss Washington.

Things I have missed about Washington

  • my mom's beautiful garden
  • family
  • friends
  • driving fast
  • being spoiled by my mom and mother-in-law
  • fresh-picked blackberries and blueberries
Things I thought I missed about Washington but didn't
  • The hills and trees--I felt a little claustrophobic and land locked. Also it is a lot harder to run hills!
  • The views of the Puget Sound--It was nice but the water was so boring and calm.
  • The views of the mountains--Couldn't see them through the smog.
  • Steamers clam strips--weren't as good as I remembered.
  • My house--I did a quick drive by of my house and surprisingly had no longing to smell the flowers or pick the grapes or roll down the front lawn.

Things I have not missed about Washington

  • my feet being cold
  • foggy mornings
  • all day overcast skies
  • drizzle
  • The Tacoma Aroma
Things I have missed about Hawaii
I am really excited to be going home.  I am hoping that it is hot and sunny.  I think it would be nice if the fam had my surfboard and suit with them but if not I hope we will stop at the beach and watch the waves for a little while digging our toes deep into the warm seashell sand. Some cold, sweet shave ice on the way home would be nice too--don't forget the beans. When we get home we'll sit on the front lanai and watch the sun light up the sky in reds and oranges as it sets over the mountains and listen to the roosters and hens as they settle all the new chicks for the evening. But what I'm most looking forward to are my five tan faced beach bums and their hugs and kisses and smiles and stories. I miss Hawaii!

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