Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Better Start it Now

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed this week. I wasn't tired when I got home from Washington but now I'm exhausted.  I even skipped my workout this morning.

I have subbed every day this week. Monday was 2nd grade. Tuesday was 1st grade. Wednesday was a different 2nd grade. Today was back to the first 2nd grade class for the morning and then into a special needs SPED class. I was assigned to one student. It was a lot of work. Tomorrow I am teaching 6th grade.

I have been arranging contracts for the student apartments this week too. I have one spot left to fill and, if all goes well, that will be signed tomorrow afternoon. This process involves lots of emails, phone calls, paperwork and time.

Another thing on my list were my church callings. They are small callings but also require time and energy to complete. As I said before I am the ward organist--which requires daily practice--and I am also a visiting teaching supervisor.  This week I am contacting all the women on my list to make sure they have done their visiting teaching.  I also have one more sister to visit to complete my visiting teaching. I'm having a hard time getting a hold of her, lots of messages. I think I'll drop off some goodies to her tonight.  This will require a little baking.

Dave is leaving for a Scouting training "thing" this weekend--Woodbadge--and needed some alterations on his new scouting uniform and some patches sewn on.  (He is the Roundtable chairman here as well as the Teacher's Quorum Scouting Advisor.) Of course, I had to do the sewing.

I have had a lot of scheduling and rescheduling of various appointments since I got back. Dave will be gone this weekend and he will be traveling to Utah and Boston in the near future as well.  This has affected a bunch of orthodontist, dentist, sports physical, and Mammogram (ugh) appointments. I also came home to a pile of emails full of pep band, tennis, science club, riflery, scouting, and other activities that needed to be scheduled.

One fun thing that I did this week was plan my Annual Great Pumpkin Carve and Donut Dunk. It was my reward for finishing some other things that I didn't want to plan.  The Carve will be October 27th at 5pm, surf or no surf. I'm looking forward to the donuts. YUM.

I've still got two big things to do in the next 48 hours. On Sunday we are giving talks at church. I've gotta write my talk and proof and edit the kids talks (since Dave is gone) and have us all ready to go by Sunday morning. I haven't started mine yet.

By Monday morning I need to have plans completed for the costumes for the Laie Elementary Fall Play. It is a spin off of the Wizard of Oz and was written by the 6th graders. It will be practiced all next week (fall break) and presented on Friday  morning. The costuming is supposed to be fairly simple. I have to go start it now. . . .

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  1. make me exhausted just reading this.....I wish I could RSVP to your Pumpkin fun to surprise you and come for this......Let us know how your talk went. Miss you like crazy.


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