Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Settling In

I unpacked my last box on Sunday evening! That's not to say I'm completely moved in however.  I still have a few piles of stuff lying around: a give a way pile, a sell pile, a what-in-the-heck-am-I-going-to-do-with-this pile. I'm getting closer to feeling "moved in" and am starting to fine tune things; moving spices over a shelf, arranging pictures and trinkets.

I finished the bridesmaids dresses over the weekend and delivered them yesterday afternoon.  The girls looked fantastic! One of the dresses did need a little alteration but it was literally 15 minutes of work and that includes the time it took to find the right color thread. They were very happy with the dresses and it made me feel good to see them prancing around and feeling so beautiful.  I can't wait to get the pictures.

The school Open House was yesterday also. As a school garden volunteer it was my job to set up a table and talk to parents about the school gardens. We are looking for volunteers to help with everything from maintenance to teaching garden classes. To lure parents to the table we had a planting station for the kids to start their own seeds in an origami newspaper pot.  The kids planted peas, beans or radishes to take home to their own garden. I'm glad I did it because I met a lot of new people and had a chance to get to know a few people better. And, I had 6 parents sign up to help volunteer in the garden. HURRAY!

Here's the link to learn how to make origami newspaper pots.  They are a lot of fun to make and they are perfect for starting seeds because you can plant the newspaper and everything. The kids and I made about 50 of these for the Open House. Some BYUH students made the rest of the pots for us.

It feels so good to have these three projects behind (or mostly so) me.  I'm looking forward to starting and quickly finishing the blessing dress for Dacia's baby girl and starting and gradually working on my new garden.

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