Monday, August 06, 2012


This has been the most disorganized move that I have ever done and I've had some pretty disorganized moves.

I got myself suckered into thinking "two blocks is nothing.  I'll just throw everything into Rubbermaid containers and off we'll go."  

Yes, off we'll go to the insane asylum trying to piece everything back together. It seems everything was put into the Odds and Ends box(es).

I have managed to get the kids rooms into pretty decent shape and their bathroom looks good too.  The front room looks fantastic but that's because it was fully furnished when we moved in. It is being used as a safehouse for my unhung artwork.

Dave is proud of the fact that he got all the electronics hooked up and our quiver of surfboards arranged in the back yard (we are up to 16 boards now--don't ask). He has also done the majority of the work on our bedroom and has made the garage maneuverable.

I have nearly completed the organization of the most important spot in the house however: my sewing room.  I HAD to get it done first because I am still working on that bridal party. (I delivered the first dress today--it flies out to it's owner in Utah in the morning. I've never met her and want to make sure she has time to get it altered there if necessary. The other dresses will be delivered on the 12th.) The sewing room has also come in handy for several last minute alterations on back to school clothes.

Being back in school has been fun. The kids seem to be excited about their classes and new friends. They came home with their first full load of homework today.

I'm working again tomorrow and Wednesday. It was a surprise to get work so early on in the year. Hopefully it is a sign of good things to come this year. 

Despite the current chaos in the house I am feeling very optimistic.  This move is a good one for us.  I love where I live.

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