Friday, August 31, 2012

Helping Hands

In the past month a lot more has changed than our address. I have also instituted a new chore rotation and have started making the kids cook dinners most every night.

By the end of last school year I was worn out.  I was working most every day, trying to keep up with the household chores and meals and trying to take proper care of myself. Despite my best efforts I was tired, my house was a wreck and I was just making enough to get by.

Living in the new place with lower rent (because I am managing basement apartments, read: another job) does mean I don't have to stress quite so much about working every single day.  However, if I ever want to go visit family or take my kids to the Big Island on vacation I can't turn down a job. I shouldn't cut back on work.

The new place is bigger and has a yard so there is more housework to be done here. I can't cut this back either however I can--ta, ta, ta, TAH!--delegate more work.  I have divided up the house into four sections: front house, back house, kitchen, outside.  The kids rotate through on a daily basis and they are in charge of every last detail in those areas.  I have made a checklist for each area and until that checklist is complete they are not done. It's about 30 minutes of work for each of them which saves me 2 hours of work every day!

I have also begun delegating dinner duty. A few weeks ago, for a project she was doing, Afton had to plan and prepare dinner for an entire week. I was so impressed with how well she did that I decided this was a skill all my kids needed.  It has not quite saved me meal prep time yet however. The kids are doing all the work themselves but I must be nearby to clarify procedures and demonstrate techniques when necessary. Occasionally they assign me a simple task like stir a pot while they are chopping or something. This may save me up to an hour a day once they get the hang of things in the kitchen.

With all this extra time on my hands I have been able to catch up on filing and paperwork, maintain the downstairs apartments, do sewing projects, read and occasionally rest. I am so grateful for my kids and their help.


  1. are brilliant.....not only are you beautiful, but you have come across one of the best kept secrets of all time.....with older children comes the blessing of them doing things that they NEED to know once they leave home. When Dave and I were Missionary Apartment inspectors, we were shocked at the "food" that was cooked, and how dirty their apartments were. Your children will be miles ahead of their peers in these departments. Our job as parents is NOT to do everything for our kids, but to teach them how to do everything we do for them so that they can be productive members of it makes them better husbands and wives. Yay for you for this. We do this most of the time around here too....and it has helped immensely.

    1. Andrea you are brilliant. I was thinking of you the whole time. You told me so! What was it 2 or 3 years ago when you told me my kids should be cooking and doing laundry? Well, now they are. They are better for it and I am better for it. Thanks for being such a great example to me.

    2. It looks like we are part of the equal admiration society....LOL SO glad that things are going well for you and the fam. We sure miss you all though.....can I convince you all to COME BACK?????????


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