Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blessing Dress

The Blessing Dress is done and is on it's way to South Carolina as I type. Sweet little Elianna was born just this past week and is anxiously awaiting her first fancy gown.

 I made the pattern based on a picture Dacia sent me. It was a fairly simple pattern to make and dress to sew together. Unfortunately the first time I made it I screwed it up. I had just finished stitching the sleeves and skirt to the bodice and was pressing the bodice when I realized that the fusible interfacing was bubbling. Yikes! My heat had been too high. So I had to unpick the sleeves and skirt and recut and resew the little bodice.

It was a stupid mistake for two reasons.  I shouldn't have had the heat up so high and I shouldn't have used fusible interfacing on satin. The second bodice I didn't use the fusible.

This was my first time ever making ribbon roses.  I practiced quite a bit before I got these ones to look good. At least I think they look good--they look a lot better than the other ones I made. Just in case they don't match up to Dacia's incredibly fine taste I have only attached them to the dress with safety pins. She can take them off easily if she doesn't like them.

Overall I am very happy with the dress.  I love making blessing dresses because they are generally small and quick and they are always so beautiful. Thank you sister for asking me to make this for you. I love you!


  1. I LOVE this dress!! Do you sell them? Please email me if you do: mindih721@gmail.com

  2. I absolutely LOVE this dress!! Do you sell them? If so please email me: mindih721@gmail.com


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