Thursday, August 16, 2012

An Egg-citing Suprise

In our previous apartment our little lovebird, Kiwi, spent the majority of her time on a perch because her cage was small and she would get stir crazy. The house was small so it was easy to always keep an eye on her and when we were gone we'd lock her up in her cage.

This house is quite a bit bigger and we were worried that it wouldn't be safe to perch her here. We looked on Craigslist and on SellYourStuffatBYUH and we found a lot of junk for a very high price.  We looked on Amazon and found this beautiful cage on sale for $150 and free shipping.

The cage arrived yesterday and the boys dropped everything and put it together.  While they did that the girls cleaned up the old cage (kinda) and they found an EGG! Yes, our little lovebird layed an egg yesterday.

The kids were so excited but disappointed at the same time.  Disappointed because it's an infertile egg. Now they are hoping to convince Dave and I to get a male lovebird. ha ha ha. NO.

Unfortunately just moments after I returned the egg to her cage. It broke.  We were hoping to blow it out and save it.  Maybe she'll lay another one.

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